Our teeth whitening service

Something that a lot of our patients come to us for is teeth whitening Bournemouth, as this can really transform your smile, without any invasive surgery. Even if you take care of your teeth perfectly, there is still a possibility that you will experience some sort of yellowing over time. Doing things like drinking tea and coffee, sugary drinks or smoking, can all increase how quickly your teeth turn yellow.


The owner of our practice, Hannah, is passionate about transforming smiles through cosmetic dentistry, including teeth whitening, so it is likely that your appointment will be with her. You will be in the hands of a professional, highly-skilled dentist whose main goal is to help you feel more comfortable with your smile.

How does it work?

Before you begin the treatment, you will have a consultation with Hannah to discuss the process and for her to see if you are eligible for it. This is an important step, as it is vital that you have all the information you need before proceeding. If the consultation goes well, and you decide you would like to go forward with teeth whitening Bournemouth, then we will take some impressions of your teeth so that your custom-made whitening trays can be created. Our dental practice is proud to use the White Dental Beauty teeth whitening system for our patients, which has proven to be very effective.

You will most probably be eligible for this treatment, but sometimes there are things that can change this. Patients who have thinner enamel, gum recession or have a tendency to grind their teeth may be advised not to have the treatment. Don’t hesitate to contact Hannah today to book your consultation meeting to see if you are eligible for a brighter smile.

Once your custom whitening trays are ready, we will provide you with the White Dental Beauty teeth whitening gel to go with them. This gel contains specific ingredients that keep your teeth hydrated and reduces sensitivity. The gel also has a fresh minty flavour, meaning that your mouth will feel nice and fresh after your whitening sessions. This teeth whitening Bournemouth treatment usually lasts from 2-3 weeks, with you only needing two appointments with us.

The advantages

Our patients love this treatment because it is so simple, but can be extremely effective in whitening your teeth. Hannah loves seeing the smile on people’s faces after cosmetic dentistry, and seeing their whole new sense of self-confidence.

Something that our patients enjoy about this remedy is the ease of the entire process. As mentioned above, you will only need two appointments for this treatment, meaning it is great for those who have a busier schedule. By only having two appointments, this means it is also beneficial for those who are more nervous about coming to the practice.

Another advantage of our teeth whitening treatment is that when you have it done, you can keep your customised whitening trays. This is great because it means that if at a later date you wanted a top up, all you would need to do is get the whitening gel from us and you’re good to go.

Keep your teeth looking youthful with teeth whitening

At Queens Park Dental Clinic we know that having a smile you can be proud of is important. A discoloured, stained smile can leave the most confident of us feeling vulnerable. Instead of hiding your smile and refusing to be in any photographs, book a consultation appointment with Hannah at our practice and start your journey to achieving a whiter, youthful looking smile today. Opting to have teeth whitening in Bournemouth will enable you to lighten the colour of your teeth by several shades, dramatically reducing the appearance of stains. The treatment we offer at Queens Park Dental Clinic means that you can undergo treatment from the comfort of your own home where you have complete control. 


What can cause tooth discolouration and staining?

Throughout life teeth can become discoloured or display a yellowish tint due to all sorts of reasons. You only have one set of adult teeth, and these have to cope with every single bit of food and drink that you consume. Having good oral hygiene is important, and if you have a good brushing routine, use mouthwash and floss regularly, you are less likely to experience staining. However, over time your teeth can still become less white and drinking things such as tea, coffee and alcohol can increase your chances of discolouration as well as lifestyle habits such as smoking. If you are not satisfied with the colour of your teeth then having teeth whitening in Bournemouth could improve their brightness and allow you to enjoy your smile again.

A simple, straightforward way to keep your teeth white

The first step to achieving a whiter smile is to book a consultation appointment with Hannah, our dental professional. At this appointment you will be able to explain what kind of shade you wish to achieve and have an impression taken of your mouth. This impression will be used to make two clear trays that fit comfortably over your teeth. Once these have been created and you have booked your next appointment to collect them, your dental practitioner will provide you with a gel to place into your trays and you will have to wear them overnight or as instructed. This gel works by bleaching your teeth gradually. The amount of time you will need to wear them for depends upon how many shades brighter you have planned for your teeth to be.

Lightly stained teeth respond quicker to teeth whitening in Bournemouth, offering visible results in up to three weeks depending on your individual circumstances. You can still benefit from this treatment if you have darker stains, but treatment will take a slightly longer period of time. Patients who have false crowns or bridges can still benefit from this treatment, but it is recommended that your false teeth are also replaced to match the shade of your whitened teeth as the gel does not work on any kind of artificial teeth. If you have severely receding gums or sensitive teeth you may not be able to have this treatment as it may result in minor damage taking place.

Can I get whiter teeth in a day? A guide to teeth whitening at Queens Park Dental

Ever the popular way to boost your confidence and improve the appearance of your teeth, dental whitening is a popular cosmetic option that we offer at Queens Park Dental Team.


While many patients assume that an over-the-counter toothpaste can offer similar results as a professional whitening performed by a dentist, this is simply not true. For a start, the chemical composition of the whitening gels are different; in a shop-bought whitening paste, any bleaching agents will be weaker, so it is unlikely to work against darker, more stubborn stains. And unless you are a dentist yourself, it would be extremely unwise to attempt whitening with a stronger bleaching agent at home!

When you come to us at Queens Park Dental Team for teeth whitening Bournemouth, our cosmetic dentist Dr Hannah Neve will assess if you are suitable for the type of whitening that we use – White Dental Beauty. A mixture of in-surgery and at-home treatments, this gel is guaranteed to whiten your smile in 3 weeks or less. Perfect!

How does this type of teeth whitening Bournemouth work? Read on for our brief guide.

Initial assessment

When you come to Queens Park Dental Team to have teeth whitening Bournemouth, you will need to attend an assessment with Dr Hannah Neve.

She will discuss how this treatment works with you and will ensure that all of your questions about White Dental Beauty are answered. If after this meeting you want to go ahead with this type of whitening, we will take impressions of your teeth.


For White Dental Beauty to work, you will need to have a set of custom-fitted trays which you will need to wear at home.

The trays may take up to 10 days to arrive back at our surgery and when they do, you will be contacted for an initial whitening session with our cosmetic team.

First session

During your first session, we will protect your gums with a covering and apply a more concentrated version of the White Dental Beauty gel to your teeth.

Painting it on like nail varnish, we will apply the appropriate amount required to obtain the whiteness that you want. Once you leave our surgery following this treatment, you will be equipped with your trays and whitening gel to continue the whitening at home.

At home whitening

The oxidising gel used in White Dental Beauty (which is composed of hydrogen peroxide, urea and sodium) will need to be put into the custom-fitted trays and ideally worn overnight.

Continuing this each day, you will notice the whitening effects of the gel within a week and you can stop as and when you feel your optimum whiteness has been achieved.

Second session

After 2 or 3 weeks, you will need to come back for the second whitening session.

The same as the first session, we will paint on the whitening gel and wait for it to whiten your teeth to the ideal shade. And voila! You can leave with your gorgeous, whiter smile.

Teeth whitening in Bournemouth with Queens Park Dental Team

If you dream of having whiter teeth, then you’re not on your own. Drinking tea and coffee, red wine or smoking can cause your teeth to become discoloured and it’s not unusual for patients to want to gain lighter and brighter teeth. At Queens Park Dental Team, Hannah Neve, our founder, has a great treatment for patients that is both safe and effective to use. The only way to get a brighter smile is to ask and we can help show you how teeth whitening Bournemouth can really get you smiling!


What we offer

At Queens Park Dental Team, we have a home treatment called the White Dental Beauty System. It consists of a whitening gel that contains a unique formula that is designed to limit sensitivity. This gel is added to your bespoke trays that you then wear over your teeth and it not only lightens the colour of your teeth, but it also hydrates them and leaves them feeling lovely and fresh, thanks to the mint flavour it has.

How long does treatment take?

You will need 2 appointments with us at Queens Park Dental Team. For teeth whitening Bournemouth, it couldn’t be simpler. You will have an appointment to check if this is the right course of treatment for you and for us to get the measurements for your trays. Once the trays have been made for you, we can provide the gel and all you will then need to do is come back and see us after 2-3 weeks of using the home kit.

Is it safe?

The White Dental Beauty System has the latest accreditation and contains a safe level of peroxide gel, which is within the legal limits. By coming to a dental practice to get your teeth whitening treatment, you can be sure that you are getting safe and well-tested treatments. Teeth whitening through any other means than a registered GDC dental practice is neither legal nor safe for patients. So, if you want to come and have a treatment that could give you more self-confidence about the appearance of your smile, you should ensure that you have the confidence in the treatment you are receiving. At Queens Park Dental Team, we will put you at your ease with our vast experience and our friendly team who are here to listen to any concerns you have, answer your questions and guide you through every step of the treatment.

Why might I not be able to have treatment?

There are a variety of reasons why patients may be unable to have treatment. For example, if you have sensitive gums or teeth, this can be a reason for treatment to be denied. Also, if you grind your teeth or have tooth enamel recession, you may also be ineligible for treatment. There’s nothing to worry about, though. By having a consultation, we can chat through your options and discuss how you can improve the appearance of your teeth in other ways or if you need other treatments before having your teeth whitened. Everybody is different, so we will advise you based on your specific needs.

If you want to have a smile that shines with teeth whitening Bournemouth, Queens Park Dental Team is here to give you your biggest smile yet!

Is teeth whitening in Bournemouth right for you?

Tooth whitening is arguably one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments available within the field of modern dental care, and just one of the many cosmetic dental treatments we offer at our clinic! Tooth whitening could be perfect for patients’ who are suffering from intrinsic or extrinsic staining of the surface of the teeth, which can be caused by a wide variety of factors!


What causes staining of the teeth?

Staining of the teeth is extremely common, and is therefore experienced by many individuals of all ages! Extrinsic staining is the staining of the external enamel of the teeth and can be caused by the consumption of highly pigmented food and drink (such as fizzy drinks, coffee, and other highly pigmented foods). If you are experiencing staining of the teeth, then you may be referred to teeth whitening in Bournemouth by Hannah, or another member of our fantastic dental team!

What are the benefits of receiving teeth whitening in Bournemouth?

When deliberating between many of our cosmetic dental treatments, many of our patients’ may feel overwhelmed when confronted with our vast array of procedures! Tooth whitening can not only help to make our patients’ feel fantastic, however, it can also help patients’ who are suffering from natural yellowing of the teeth.

Am I eligible for tooth whitening at your surgery?

At our dental clinic within Bournemouth, we strive to make our patients’ feel as comfortable as possible within the walls of our surgery! Our clinic not only boasts a modern and welcoming location, however, each and every one of our dental specialists hold a passion for the excellent standard of dentistry they provide!

What to expect from the treatment process at our dental surgery..

At our surgery, we understand that many of our patients’ may have hectic work and social lives, which is why an at-home whitening treatment is on offer at our surgery! After an initial consultation with Hannah or another member of our team, you may decide that tooth whitening is the perfect treatment for you, but what should you expect next?

Taking the first steps towards your dream smile…

At our surgery within Bournemouth, we work hard to ensure our patients’ are always comfortable when receiving their dental treatment, which is why our at-home dental beauty system fits so well in our patients’ lives!

How long will the whitening treatment take?

Although the treatment time may vary greatly depending on the severity of the individual case, as a general rule this treatment can take anywhere from as little as two to three weeks!

Is everyone eligible for tooth whitening at our clinic?

Tooth whitening is rising greatly in regards to its popularity within cosmetic dentistry, however, certain patients’ may not be eligible for this particular treatment. If you are a patient who is suffering from weak enamel, recession, or patients’ who grind their teeth, then you may be advised against this treatment by Hannah, or another member of our dental team.

I have veneers, can I receive tooth whitening?

Unfortunately not. If you are a patient who has veneers, crowns, fillings, dentures, or artificial teeth, then applying the whitening gel may not work.

Worried that teeth whitening will be uncomfortable? Learn more about the White Dental Beauty System

Many people want to have a healthier-looking, whiter smile. But with modern diets which are often higher in acid this can be tougher than it sounds to not only achieve, but to maintain.


Of course, many people who want to have whiter teeth begin their attempts by using toothpaste and mouthwash specifically designed to remove deeply set stains, and create whiter looking enamel. However, unless you have very mild staining, these are unlikely to be successful,

leading to a very real sense of frustration.

If you are one of the many people who want to have their teeth whitened but have moderate to severe staining, you will need a bit more help!

At Queens Park Dental, our team is proud to offer teeth whitening in Bournemouth to customers who want a whiter smile without the fuss of trial and error toothpaste. Using the White Dental Beauty System, we can ensure that you have a Hollywood worthy smile in just 14 days. Using a mixture of at-home and in-surgery treatments, your smile could be whitened by up to 16 shades.

Eager to learn more about the White Dental Beauty System? Read on.

What is the White Dental Beauty System?

In simple terms, the White Dental Beauty System is an easy to use, gel-based whitening procedure that involves the wearing of plastic trays at home, while also attending 2 sessions with our team at Queens Park Dental.

If you are looking for a highly-rated option for teeth whitening in Bournemouth, this is probably the best system to pick!

Does it contain bleach?

Almost every type of teeth whitening in Bournemouth will contain bleach, but the White Dental Beauty System is designed for those patients who may also have dental sensitivities; containing only 6% hydrogen peroxide, this gel is gentle enough for even the most sensitive of teeth!

Is it uncomfortable?

Overall, the use of this system should not cause discomfort, but if you have sensitive teeth, you may notice some sensitivity developing during the treatment.

As mentioned earlier, when compared to many other whitening gels, the White Dental Beauty System contains lower levels of bleach-based products, but if you have extreme dental sensitivity this may not be a suitable treatment option for you. Talk to our team at Queens Park Dental for a more suitable whitening treatment.

How long does the whitening last?

On average, treatment with this system can last up to 3 years!

When you come to our team for this treatment, we will also provide you with top-up gels, to use at home if you notice that the whitening effects are fading. However, if you are a smoker or consume acidic products like sodas, coffee or red wine, then the whitening effects may be shortened.

Can any dentist use the White Dental Beauty System?

Any dental professional can whiten teeth, but only a few dentists offer the White Dental Beauty System, which is mild, provides long-lasting results and is straightforward to use. Call our team today for more information!

I wish that I had whiter teeth

Many of our patients wish that they had whiter teeth, as even the best oral care routine can lead to teeth that over time are yellowed or stained. With our help, here at Queen’s Park Dental, our patients can have a brighter and whiter smile. Habits such as drinking tea, coffee, cola or red wine can lead to these stains alongside habits such as smoking. These things can, over time, add to the natural discolouration of the teeth. This can lead to people wishing for a treatment such as Teeth Whitening Bournemouth, this can be a quick and easy way of making your smile look healthier. Patients can be assured that this treatment is safe and can be used in your own home. The rest of this article will discuss how this treatment works as well as what you should do next so you can make an informed decision about whether this treatment could be the one for you.


How does this treatment work?

If you think that Teeth Whitening Bournemouth could be the treatment for you then we can offer a tray system for your personal use. These can be used in the comfort of your own home. These results are safe and predictable making it a good choice for our patients. The degree of time that needs to be taken on the process will depend on the degree of staining on your teeth. The process works best on lightly stained teeth but can work on darker teeth. The process of doing this treatment in your own home allows you to top up the gel whenever it is needed. The treatment can take between 2-3 weeks to have the best effect on the teeth. Highly trained professionals will be on hand to ensure that you know how to use the treatment and how to yield the best results, they will support you through your ambition to make your smile brighter and whiter. 

What should I do next?

If you think that Teeth Whitening Bournemouth could work for you then you first will have a consolation with Hannah, this will be used to determine whether this treatment could be the one for you. Hannah will work with you to check that you are an ideal candidate for this treatment. Impressions will be taken of the teeth so the trays can be developed to fit the exact shape of your mouth. No two smiles are the same and this is reflected in our ability to create custom trays for each patient. You will then receive your White Dental Beauty’s teeth whitening gel, which is used to lighten the teeth, the gel is made up of special ingredients that will not irritate the mouth but will instead keep the mouth hydrated and leave it minty fresh. If you think that this treatment could be for you then you should have a look at the website to learn more about this treatment in detail. You can then get in contact with the practice and organise your consultation with Hannah so you can begin to perfect your smile.

Teeth whitening in Bournemouth

We all know that brushing our teeth twice a day is important. It helps to maintain the structure and cleanliness of our teeth, leading to better oral health in general. As well as this, cosmetically, it makes our teeth look a lot nicer when they are a pearly white. However, even with the most rigorous of brushing routines, it is common for teeth to become stained or look more yellow or brown as time goes on. Even very healthy teeth can sadly suffer the effects of this discolouration. Because of this, teeth whitening in Bournemouth has become an increasingly common cosmetic dental treatment for people who wish to have a whiter shade of teeth. Teeth whitening in Bournemouth can produce effective results and provide a patient with a significantly lighter shade to their teeth, and it is possible to have this treatment take place in the comfort of your own home! In this article we’ll go through teeth whitening in Bournemouth in a bit more detail, and also take a look at how it may be beneficial to consider Queen’s Park Dental Team for it.teeth-whitening-in-bournemouth

If you do decide to look into teeth whitening or other cosmetic dental treatments, then potentially it would be useful for you to consider where you would like to go to get such a treatment performed. Personally, we would recommend considering Hannah Neve and her wonderful dental associates at the Queens Park Dental Team. Here at Queen’s Park Dental Team we provide our treatments in an accessible location that is both a relaxing and comforting environment to help put our patients at ease. Furthermore we make sure of the quality of the treatments themselves by using modern dentistry tools and techniques, and our staff are always  friendly and put your needs first. Therefore, the next time you are looking for a dentist in Bournemouth, be sure to remember that Hannah Neve and we, the Queen’s Park Dental Team, are certainly worth your consideration.

The teeth whitening procedure at our practice

To be sure if a teeth whitening treatment is right for you, we’ll go through what the treatment usually entails. First, a teeth whitening treatment must begin with an initial consultation with your dentist – much like most other dental treatments, including many of those that are non-cosmetic.  After the initial consultation, impressions of your teeth will be taken. These impressions are important because it allows bespoke trays to be made which comfortably fit over your teeth.

The tray system is what we use to provide patients with the teeth whitening treatment at Queens Park Dental Team. These trays contain within them White Dental Beauty’s whitening gel. This gel contains ingredients which minimise sensitivity, keep teeth hydrated and have a pleasant mint flavour, all while of course making your teeth several shades whiter over time. The full course of this teeth whitening treatment usually lasts between 2 to 3 weeks. This is a treatment that generally works best on lightly stained teeth, however it can also work well on darker stained teeth, this just makes the treatment process take a bit longer.

I am unhappy with the stains on my teeth

Many people are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth and this could be linked to the number of stains that we acquire on our teeth as we get older. This can cause issues for people as they can become uncomfortable with their smile and as a result try to hide it. Here at Queens Park Dental Team, we believe that everyone should have a smile that they are proud of and we can offer teeth whitening treatments to help you. This article will run through the various bits of information that you might need when considering this treatment.teeth-whitening-in-bournemouth

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening in Bournemouth, is a valid treatment that has been tried and tested. This treatment is safe and patients can be assured that they are receiving the highest standard of care using the most up-to-date dental technologies. You could benefit from this treatment if you wish that you had a brighter and whiter smile. This treatment uses White Dental Beauty to allow you to build the smile that you wish you had, in an easy and effective manner. It has been used by many other patients who have been happy with the results that this treatment has given them.

How does the process work?

This treatment works through trays that have been specially moulded to your teeth and a gel that has been tried and tested to ensure that you can achieve the best results in an effective and safe manner. You will be invited to the practice to have a consultation with Hannah, this will allow you to make an informed choice about whether this is the treatment option for you. Should you decide to go ahead with this treatment then you will have impressions taken of your teeth, so that any trays fit your mouth perfectly. This allows the treatment to be as efficient as possible.

Will I need to come into the practice to have the treatment?

With teeth whitening in Bournemouth, our practice has found that the best way to carry out this treatment is for patients to carry out the procedure themselves, in the comfort of their own homes. This means that you can carry out this treatment at your own pace and do not have to come into the practice for us to administer it for you. Once your impressions have been taken we will provide a tray and supply you with the gel that you need. This process also means that you can continue to treat your teeth as time goes on, without having to make extra appointments.

What should I do now?

If you think that teeth whitening in Bournemouth could be a good fit for you then you should have a look at the website to learn more about the process. The website is where you will find all the most up-to-date information about our practice. This will help keep you informed about our practice and allow you to take steps to have a cleaner and brighter smile. We cannot wait to start to help you achieve the bright and white smile that you always wished that you had. We understand how important a smile can be and we want to help you have the best smile that you can.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening in Bournemouth is a treatment that you may want to consider. Many people wish that they had whiter teeth. There are many reasons why the quality of your tooth colour can decline over time, even with a very good hygiene practice. Teeth can become stained with certain foods and drinks, as well as the habit of smoking. This treatment can help teeth become brighter and whiter in appearance, something that many people could benefit from as a morale booster. Many people, as a result of tooth stains, become unhappy with the appearance of their teeth. Tooth whitening treatment can help you combat this and help you feel better about your smile again. The article will run through why you may possibly consider this treatment alongside how the tooth whitening process works.teeth-whitening-in-bournemouth

How does this treatment work?

Teeth whitening in Bournemouth can be offered as a tray system. This allows you to use this treatment in your own home. We have found from the many years of experience in this field that this treatment yields the best results. These results can be replicated time and time again and are generally excellent. The treatment can work on many types and severities of staining, however, this treatment does work best on lightly stained teeth. Teeth that have more to correct will still benefit, it just means that the process will take longer.

We use White Dental Beauty, as the source of our home-based equipment. If you are considering this treatment you will first meet with our consultant, Hannah. After a discussion with her you can then decide to take the treatment forward. If you choose to do so you will need to have impressions taken of your teeth, therefore ensuring that the trays will be specifically moulded to your mouth.

Your trays will then be built for you and you will be provided with White Dental Beauty’s teeth whitening gel. This gel will allow you to achieve the best level of results. Sensitivity is taken into consideration to help this treatment be as safe and comfortable as possible. The gel also leaves your mouth feeling minty fresh.

Why should you consider this treatment?

Teeth whitening in Bournemouth is a very common treatment, so patients can be assured that they will be well taken care of at our practice due to our expertise. The products used in this treatment have been tried and tested and are safe to use. Each treatment is specially moulded to each patient’s teeth, this means that each individual smile can be better cared for. This treatment will only take two appointments at our practice as you carry out the majority of treatment at home. The full course of treatment takes a mere 2-3 weeks. An added benefit of this process is that due to you having the treatment at home you can continue to top up the treatment on your teeth as the colour changes. Patients who have had this treatment have reported that they feel much more comfortable with their smile post treatment. It is for this reason, coupled with the excellent results that this treatment can yield that we think we have so many patients happy they have undergone tooth whitening.