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Queens Park Dental Team £ Bournemouth 01202 303322 Queens Park Dental

What a revelation. Totally professional and 100% caring and empathetic. From Reception to Dentist I have nothing but high praise. Completely adept at reassurance which is one of my main requirements and I can't see me returning to my previous dentist surgery where it was a polar opposite experience. Thank you how my tooth was extracted and everything about that process was almost a pleasure to experience and how often can you say that about a trip to the Dentist.

Queens Park Dental Team £ Bournemouth 01202 303322 Queens Park Dental

Highly recommend this kind/caring dental practice. Alex and his team are very professional and made me feel at ease during a difficult wisdom tooth extraction. The process from start to finish was outstanding. I would definitely recommend to all my friends and family.

Queens Park Dental Team £ Bournemouth 01202 303322 Queens Park Dental

We were very impressed with how quickly they responded to our initial enquiry. I sent an email early in the week and within the hour received a phone call to arrange for a check up during the same week. After our initial visit, appointments were arranged for treatment the following week. Had been searching for a dentist for the last three months having moved to Bournemouth earlier in the year. I am so glad I contacted the Queens Park Practice. All round positive experience, very professional in all respects.

Queens Park Dental Team £ Bournemouth 01202 303322 Queens Park Dental

I have been using this Dental practice over the last few years. They have exceeded my expectationS with great care and courtesy from every team member, as well as a very knowledgeable Dentist and Dental hygienist.

Queens Park Dental Team £ Bournemouth 01202 303322 Queens Park Dental

To Queens Park Dental Team,

Thank you for your skills, experience and professionalism.

The work that the dental team embarked to do was a big work as I had, not only to replace my old crowns of nearly twenty years (so unnatural when I looked at old pictures really) but build bridges in order to fill gaps, I have to say the technician has done a fantastic job.

Thought I was aware how nowadays cosmetic dentistry evolved, I did not realize how a smile could be so much improved.

The worked accomplished by the team is simply remarkable. They did not just make my smile beautiful but incredibly natural.

Having beautiful teeth, a perfect smile, allow you to smile without thinking other than smiling, and bring the sparkle in your eyes that make people wanted being with you.

As a woman, I do feel, certainly much more at ease, confident surely but most of all complete, because no matter how stylist your outfits, hairstyle, and perfume are if your smile is not at the standard of your style, surely something is missing.

By now you probably guessed. I am thrilled by the cosmetic dental work that Dr Neve and her team has accomplished and without reserve whatsoever I do recommend the very skilled team of Queen's Park Garden dental practice in Bournemouth.

Queens Park Dental Team £ Bournemouth 01202 303322 Queens Park Dental

I am grateful for Dr Marcu and the Queen's Park Dental Team's care and assistance. As a bonus , there are large screen TV'S in front of you where I was shown my x-ray, before and after photos and very handy in case you need distractions or if you feel anxious about the treatment.

In a recent independent survey, this is what some of our patients have said they like about us:

  • Staff is excellent.
  • You are never kept waiting.
  • Efficiency and competence.
  • Care and trust.
  • Staff very caring towards all of the family. Environment is excellent and calming too.
  • The friendliness.
  • Convenience and quick appointments.
  • Efficient friendly and helpful.
  • Always feel welcome and personal service offered. Both dentist and assistant are friendly.
  • Friendly service and total trust.
  • Seeing dentist and hygienist together in one appointment rather than separately.
  • Close to work and quality of care/attention to detail.
  • Quick, efficient and friendly. Very thorough.
  • I feel comfortable with them as they know me well.
  • All the staff, service and confidence of what they tell me.
  • Calm, friendly atmosphere and professional attitude. It's actually the best practice I have been to,
  • Really friendly team.
  • Clean, efficient friendly consistent through.
  • Prompt appointment if in pain. Personally I do not cope very well with dental pain so a quick appointment is needed.
  • The kindness shown always.
  • Efficient fun.
  • The hygienist is exceptionally thorough.
  • Excellent care. Very polite and excellent service. Excellent cleanliness.

Queens Park Dental Team

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