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Hannah Neve Reviewed by T S on

We were very impressed with how quickly they responded to our initial enquiry. I sent an email early in the week and within the hour received a phone call to arrange for a check up during the same week. After our initial visit, appointments were arranged for treatment the following week. Had been searching for a dentist for the last three months having moved to Bournemouth earlier in the year. I am so glad I contacted the Queens Park Practice. All round positive experience, very professional in all respects.

Rating: 4.5
Hannah Neve Reviewed by J.K. on

Always professional and competent -I took Hannah's advice and guidance on teeth whitening and am really loving having the confidence to smile properly again - what a difference - and now I can top up any time for low cost - brilliant (like my smile!) and I always feel I am at the heart of all advice and treatment

Thank youJ.K.
Rating: 4.5
Hannah Neve Reviewed by T S on

Hannah Neve
Queens Park Dental Team

Having recently lost the front and filling of one of my teeth. I was really pleased and impressed on getting home and looking in the mirror at the replacement you had moulded. I can smile again and eat!!

I should have known after all the years of ease at your and Maria's hands that all would be well.

Many thanks. T S
Rating: 4.5
Hannah Neve Reviewed by Mrs V M S on

Dear Dr Neve

I am writing to my how delighted I am with the teeth whitening treatment I have received recently. It has made such a difference to me and able to smile confidently is a bonus

It is certainly a treatment I would recommend to family and friends. With my thanks.

Yours sincerely Mrs V M S
Rating: 4.5
Hannah Neve Reviewed by Alayne on

  Dear Hannah

Thanks to you both I now have a lovely set of regular, white, natural-looking front teeth that have really changed the way I feel about myself.

When I first came to you-having been told by my previous dentist that there was nothing to be done - I remember describing my front teeth to you as 'a mess'. The passing years, accidents and patching up had all taken their toll and I really wanted to do something about my teeth that would make me feel that I could smile properly again. On my first visit I felt quite nervous but you put me at ease and explained the options to me in a very practical and sensible way. You listened to me and I could tell that you understood what I hoped to achieve. I left feeling real confidence in your expertise and in the practice as a whole.

I have no regrets. It was absolutely the right decision and all the feedback I have received from friends and family has been so positive - maybe tinged with a little jealousy! Now when I look in the mirror I am delighted at what I see - I feel like a new (and younger) person. I really enjoy smiling again and I actually feel I have more to smile about. I'm not someone who rushes into things and getting my teeth sorted out was not a decision I took lightly. However, I would definitely encourage anyone in a similar position to take the plunge - it has altered the way I feel about myself more than I could possibly have imagined. And it is all thanks to you: your skill, professionalism and, just as importantly, your considerate, down to earth and understanding approach.

A big smiley thank-you from me Alayne
Rating: 4.5
Hannah Neve Reviewed by C-H on

To Queens Park Dental Team,

Thank you for your skills, experience and professionalism.

The work that the dental team embarked to do was a big work as I had, not only to replace my old crowns of nearly twenty years (so unnatural when I looked at old pictures really) but build bridges in order to fill gaps, I have to say the technician has done a fantastic job.

Thought I was aware how nowadays cosmetic dentistry evolved, I did not realize how a smile could be so much improved.

The worked accomplished by the team is simply remarkable. They did not just make my smile beautiful but incredibly natural.

Having beautiful teeth, a perfect smile, allow you to smile without thinking other than smiling, and bring the sparkle in your eyes that make people wanted being with you.

As a woman, I do feel, certainly much more at ease, confident surely but most of all complete, because no matter how stylist your outfits, hairstyle, and perfume are if your smile is not at the standard of your style, surely something is missing.

By now you probably guessed. I am thrilled by the cosmetic dental work that Dr Neve and her team has accomplished and without reserve whatsoever I do recommend the very skilled team of Queen's Park Garden dental practice in Bournemouth.

With many smiles C-H
Rating: 4.5
Hannah Neve Reviewed by Maggie S on

Dear Dr Neve

I am sorry for not writing sooner to thank you so much for the marvellous cosmetic work that you have undertaken on my teeth.

I would also like to thank you for managing to get all the work done in time for my daughter's wedding. I realise that having finally plucked up the courage to make my first appointment it left very little time for you to perform "the miracle". What a challenge!! But you did not let me down.

It is only when I look at the "before" photograph that I realise how badly discoloured my teeth had become. The veneers and the plate have made such a difference not only to how I look but also to my self-confidence. Many people could not quite put their finger on what was different about me, I know it was my teeth!!

It took my daughter's wedding to motivate me to do something and I am thrilled with the results.

Thank you again!! Maggie S
Rating: 4.5
Hannah Neve Reviewed by CH on

Dear Dr Neve

This letter is to thank you for the work completed on my two front teeth.

For many years I have felt uneasy with my front teeth, unable to smile properly and having very little confidence in other people's company. Now, after your treatment to straighten my teeth, I cannot tell you how great I feel and the confidence I have now gained. I am so pleased that I found your dental team, as you are a very professional group and I am extremely happy with the results.

I just want to say a big "thank you", you've put the smile back on my face!

Kind regards CH
Rating: 4.5
Hannah Neve Reviewed by Eileen B on

Dear Dr Neve

Just a short note to say thank you for the crowns that you fitted over my two front teeth.

I had my previous crowns over those teeth for the past 20 years and was quite happy with them as they were a big improvement on my own teeth. I hesitated at first when you said you could improve them by making two crowns smaller and a better colour to match my other teeth. Also, over the years they had slightly come away from my gums at the top and I was conscious of the gap between my gums and crowns

I needn't have hesitated! The new crowns are perfect the same size and colour as my own teeth. My teeth now look the best they ever had and my only regret is that when I was younger and in my teens, such technology wasn't available to me.

Thank you once again.

Best regards, Eileen B
Rating: 4.5
Hannah Neve Reviewed by Mrs. S. H. on

Dear Dr Neve

Thank you for the work you have done on my teeth. Having not seen a dentist for five years they were quite a challenge! I had a broken tooth that needed capping and many old metal fillings needing replacement. Your hygienist cleaned them up like new.

I am very pleased with the new white fillings, they look so much better than the previous metal and I feel really comfortable.

The process for replacing the fillings was obviously a skilled job and I thank you for the efficient way the work was carried out.

Sincerely Mrs. S. H.
Rating: 4.5
Hannah Neve Reviewed by F U Y on

Dear Dr Neve

Thank-you for giving me the confidence to make the decision to have my front teeth cosmetically "redesigned" with crowns. Your explanation of the procedure & the time scale, only & visits, certainly encouraged me to make a dicision which I had been toying with for years. I have not looked think back to how I used to laugh with my friends up to cover my mouth. If only I had made the decision years ago. Once again thank-you very much.

Yours sincerely F U Y
Rating: 4.5
Hannah Neve Reviewed by J E on

Dr H Neve
Queens Park Dental Team

Dear Doctor Neve
I have recently completed a course of treatment for teeth whitening at your surgery and am absolutely delighted with the result achieved.

My sincerely thanks for your help and professional advice.

Yours sincerely J E
Rating: 4.5

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  • The friendliness.
  • Convenience and quick appointments.
  • Efficient friendly and helpful.
  • Always feel welcome and personal service offered. Both dentist and assistant are friendly.
  • Friendly service and total trust.
  • Seeing dentist and hygienist together in one appointment rather than separately.
  • Close to work and quality of care/attention to detail.
  • Quick, efficient and friendly. Very thorough.
  • I feel comfortable with them as they know me well.
  • All the staff, service and confidence of what they tell me.
  • Calm, friendly atmosphere and professional attitude. It's actually the best practice I have been to,
  • Really friendly team.
  • Clean, efficient friendly consistent through.
  • Prompt appointment if in pain. Personally I do not cope very well with dental pain so a quick appointment is needed.
  • The kindness shown always.
  • Efficient fun.
  • The hygienist is exceptionally thorough.
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