Which brace straightens teeth the quickest? Your questions about teeth straightening answered

Many adults feel that their teeth could use a little bit of straightening or realignment.


And while there are myths that state you cannot have your teeth straightened as an adult, there are now many options to get that straighter smile you deserve; everything from clear, cosmetic to invisible braces, the possibilities are endless!

But this array of different braces and aligners has led to many questions being asked by adult patients; which one is the best? Which braces straighten teeth fastest and, of course, which one is the most affordable?

When you come to Queens Park Dental Team for teeth straightening Bournemouth, our team will assess if you are suitable for our popular and effective invisible brace, the In-line invisible brace. Perfect for correcting spacing, misalignment and issues with overcrowding, many of our adult patients have used this brace and have achieved the smile that they deserve. And now, it could be your turn!

Curious to learn more about teeth straightening Bournemouth? Here, we answer the top 5 questions we are asked about the In-Line invisible brace.

How does it work?

If our cosmetic dentist Dr Hannah Neve determines that you are suited for In-Line braces, then we will need to take a scan of the inside of your mouth.

Using computer technology, these scans will allow us to create a set of custom-fitted aligners which you will wear. Typically, each aligner is worn for between 4-6 weeks and gently pushes your teeth into the desired position. No tightening, no wires and no excruciating discomfort.

How long does it take?

This will depend on the severity of the underlying issue being corrected, so your treatment time will be very personalised.

This having been said though, this form of teeth straightening Bournemouth typically takes an average of 6-8 months to complete.

Is it uncomfortable?

Despite what you may have heard, there is no such thing as orthodontic treatment without some degree of discomfort.

While typical metal braces use wires, force and tightening to move teeth (which can be uncomfortable at times), the In-Line brace uses gradual motion to push your teeth into the position that you want. After changing each aligner, there may be a sensation of tightening and pressure, but this is totally normal.

However, if you are worried about the level of discomfort you are experiencing with your brace, contact our team immediately for an assessment.

Is it effective?

The In-Line invisible brace is effective if used correctly.

If you fail to keep it in for the required time each day, the treatment may take longer. Similarly, if it is used to correct an issue that it is not designed for, it can actually worsen the position of your teeth. Assuming these requirements are met, its overall success is over 97%!

Is it an expensive brace?

Most adult orthodontics will seem expensive, but at Queens Park Dental we are able to offer suitable patients financing options or dental plans. These break down the overall cost into affordable, monthly chunks.

Queens Park Dental Team and teeth straightening in Bournemouth

If you’ve been feeling down about having misaligned teeth, then Queens Park Dental Team would like to put a smile on your face. Many people believe that to realign their teeth they have to wear metal braces that will be uncomfortable and not rating high on aesthetics either. Thankfully, there is another way at Queens Park Dental Team, founded by Hannah Neve. Hannah has carefully selected a treatment for patients that is both effective and efficient, In-Line invisible braces. Teeth straightening Bournemouth just got a little more exciting…


What are In-Line invisible braces?

In-Line invisible braces are an alternative to metal braces and consist of clear plastic aligners, which should be almost invisible to other people. They can treat a range of issues, including crooked, misaligned or crowded teeth and the treatment can take as little as 5 to 10 months. Regular braces can take between 1 to 2 years, so it is definitely a bonus to opt for this modern technology. The aligners work by applying pressure to your teeth to move them into the intended position. You will be given sets of aligners to wear and change between for the course of your treatment. You will also need to have regular check-ups with us to ensure that everything is in order.

What are the benefits of choosing this method for aligning teeth?

One of the popular reasons for choosing this treatment for patients is the discretion that the aligners offer, but also the fact that they can be removed when you are eating and drinking, as well as when you are brushing and flossing your teeth, easily maintaining your oral hygiene routine. The other benefit of being able to remove them is that you can take them out when you have a special occasion, such as a job interview, or when you are doing exercise. This flexibility is certainly an attractive prospect for teeth straightening Bournemouth with Queens Park Dental Team. From a financial point of view, this method of alignment is often more affordable than traditional braces and there is less chance that something will go wrong with them, meaning that you shouldn’t need to come and see us for emergency appointments, so you won’t have the worry of trying to get time off work.

How do I get them?

If you are keen to find out more about this method of realigning your teeth with teeth straightening Bournemouth, the first thing you will need to do is to book in for a consultation with us. We will check your teeth and advise you on the best course of treatment to suit your specific needs. If In-Line invisible braces are for you, we will take impressions of your teeth in order to get your aligners made to fit your mouth bespoke to you. The modern German technology will then be manufactured and sent to us.

So, if you fancy feeling great about your smile, why not give us a call at Queens Park Dental Team? We are on standby to welcome you to the practice and give you our professional advice about how to get a smile that makes you happy and want to smile all day! We understand that it can be hard to take the leap of faith, but we promise you, it will be worth it.

Do you require teeth straightening in Bournemouth?

Teeth straightening in Bournemouth is another term for ‘orthodontic dentistry’ within the walls of our modern, and friendly dental surgery within Bournemouth! Teeth straightening in Bournemouth may be perfect for individuals who are suffering from wonky, front protruding, or generally misaligned teeth within the mouth! Many patients may be sure that orthodontic dentistry is right for them, however, they may be unsure which appliance is right to cater for their individual dental case!


Finding the right orthodontic appliance for your smile…

Within the world of modern dentistry, many of our patients may feel overwhelmed when presented with our wide array of orthodontic choices, however, Hannah (along with the rest of our fabulous dental team) is always on hand to tend to any of our patients’ queries or concerns!

What are braces?

Orthodontic braces were traditionally considered unsightly by many patients, consisting of a combination of metal brackets and wires, many patients’ may feel as if obvious metal dental work could hinder their work and social prospects! However, within the modern field of orthodontic dentistry, many modern dental clinics (including our practice within Bournemouth) are now looking to answer the demand for discrete orthodontic alternatives!

What are Invisible braces?

Invisible braces at our clinic are perfect for patients who wish to straighten the appearance of their imperfect smile, whilst ensuring they are the only person who knows they’re wearing the aligners! If you believe that “InLine” braces are right for you, then why not get in touch with a member of our team now?

Learning more about our invisible braces..

Many patients’ may feel self-conscious regarding the appearance of their smile, however, at our surgery within Bournemouth, our team strives to make those individuals feel as confident as possible with their post-treatment smiles! Many individuals may believe that conventional metal braces are the only solution to their imperfect smiles, however, our invisible braces offer a new solution to our insecure patients’!

How long will the invisible braces take?

Much like any dental treatment, the treatment time for our “In-Line” clear aligners may vary greatly depending on the severity of the individual case! As a general rule, however, InLine braces could amend our patients’ crooked smiles within as little as five to ten months!

What to expect from the treatment process..

Many of our patients’ may be familiar with clear aligners, however, they may be unsure of what to expect from the treatment process at our surgery! During the initial consultation with either Hannah or another member of our fantastic dental team, will discuss the expected treatment process, in addition to tending to any queries or concerns you may have! Before the treatment commences, our team will generate a preview of your expected dental results, this can help our patients’ decide whether this is the right treatment choice for them!

Feeling nervous before paying a visit to our surgery?

Many of our patients may be feeling anxious regarding a visit to our surgery, however, they need not fear! At our practice within Bournemouth, our team has heaps of experience working with nervous patients’, which ensures that even the most anxious individuals can feel comfortable within the walls of our surgery!

Want a straighter smile without the hassle? FAQs about the In-Line brace from Queens Park Dental

When you smile for photos, do you often have your mouth closed? Do you hide your smile from other people?


If so, you may be one of the many adults who feels self-conscious about their smiles; indeed, as many as 75% of all adults have a misaligned or asymmetrical smile, equating to a great number of people feeling self-conscious when they show them off.

In years gone by, having teeth realigned as an adult was seen as an enormous undertaking – the wearing of metal braces, the orthodontist appointments and of course the cost, led many adults to decide against any kind of orthodontic option. Today, there are numerous options available for adults who want to straighten their smiles, and few of them involve the use of metal braces!

When you are looking for teeth straightening in Bournemouth, contact our team at Queens Park Dental. With a wealth of experience surrounding adult orthodontics, our team can provide you with a range of different types of brace, each designed and chosen to suit your individual orthodontic needs. And, as all adult aligners are designed to be fast and discreet, what have you got to lose?

One of our most popular braces, the In-Line brace, is perfect for correcting misalignments and protrusions without costing a fortune. Want to learn more? Read on for FAQs about this aligner.

What are In-Line braces?

In-Line braces are in a group of braces known as invisible braces, along with other brands like Invisalign.

When it comes to teeth straightening in Bournemouth, they do not use wires or tightening to move teeth. Treatment consists of a set of plastic trays being used to straighten the teeth over a period of months, with each tray being changed every 2 weeks on average.

They are removable, custom-fitted and easy to use around a busy lifestyle.

How long do they take to work?

While teeth straightening in Bournemouth is individualised and based on your own requirements, on average, In-Line braces take between 5 and 10 months to work.

Remember that length of treatment will also depend on you sticking to the treatment plan, and advising our team at Queens Park Dental of any concerns or issues that you may be having while wearing this aligner.

Am I suitable for them?

If you have overcrowded teeth, large gaps or issues such as minor to moderate misalignments, then it is likely that you will be suitable for these braces. You also have to be 18 years of age and have good oral health to undertake treatment with this brace.

Are they expensive?

As you can see a member of our regular dental team for this brace and due to the fact that the treatment is faster, the In-Line brace is an affordable alternative to traditional aligners.

Are they uncomfortable to wear?

In a word, no. As they are custom-fitted to your teeth, made from smooth plastic and do not exert excessive force to move the teeth, they are more comfortable than regular orthodontic braces.

Teeth straightening in Bournemouth using invisible braces

The health and appearance of teeth is a very important thing for many of us out in the world today. This is a very understandable concern, as inevitably our teeth are almost always visible to others whenever we talk, eat or smile. Therefore, for many people, if teeth become misaligned or otherwise crooked it can lead to some level of self-consciousness. However, even if someone is born with misaligned or otherwise not entirely ‘perfect’ teeth – or if their teeth become misaligned over time – there are still dental treatments that can be offered to them to straighten out the teeth and provide a more aesthetically pleasing smile. At this point, many of those reading may be thinking of the more traditional treatments for straightening teeth, consisting of metallic, wired braces. Whilst these are very effective dental treatments that work well for many different people, it is also useful to know that there are other teeth straightening treatments available. For example, if you are looking for options for teeth straightening in Bournemouth, then you may wish to consider invisible braces, such as In-Line invisible braces. In this article we’ll take a deeper look at teeth straightening in Bournemouth, with particular reference to In-Line invisible braces, including how they work and whether they are right for you.teeth-straightening-in-bournemouth

Another thing to consider when thinking about teeth straightening in Bournemouth are the choices available to you in terms of where you want to go to get your teeth straightened. Whilst there are a few different options out there, you will of course want to find a dental clinic that is reliable, and sees your specific needs and desires as their foremost concern. To that end, we recommend you visit Hannah Neve and her very capable, highly qualified team at Queen’s Park Dental Team. In fact, at Queen’s Park Dental, our team is not only highly qualified in matters of cosmetic, preventive and general dentistry, but they are also very friendly and eager to work with new patients, and treat them and their teeth with the utmost care. To make certain that this commitment to care shines through in all the treatments that we offer, we ensure that we use modern dental techniques and technology in our comforting environment which is designed to put patients at ease. Because of this, we believe that we are a fantastic choice and we would proudly commit ourselves to your dental needs.

Invisible In-Line braces

So how do the In-Line braces actually work? They utilise a set of clear twin plastic aligners that gradually shift your teeth into a more favourable position over time. They are designed to be comfortable to wear, and easy to remove for when you need to eat, drink or brush your teeth. These aligners are custom designed after an initial consultation, so that they can fit a patient’s teeth perfectly, no matter what their dental presentation may be. A fixed or removable retainer can be used at the end of treatment to make sure that the adjusted teeth then stay in their new positions. There are many advantages to having the In-Line braces treatment done, including a relatively short treatment time, and the fact that people won’t usually be able to tell you’re having this treatment performed unless you choose to tell them!

Straighten your teeth without having to rely on traditional braces

Everyone wants straight teeth, but the prospect of wearing braces is undesirable for most people.

teeth-straightening-bournemouthWhile current methods of teeth straightening in Bournemouth have changed society’s thoughts about traditional orthodontic devices, nothing quite compares to In-Line Invisible braces.

We provide In-Line Invisible Braces to those who want straight teeth without the hassle and discomfort of wearing metal braces.

Make a booking with our highly skilled and experienced dentist, Hannah, to see if this is the right device for your needs!

What are invisible braces exactly?

Invisible braces comprise as a pair of clear plastic retainers that are designed to fit your mouth perfectly.

The retainers are comfortable to wear, easy to maintain and will fit your lifestyle. They can be removed to eat, drink, and when you clean your teeth. We advise invisible braces users to wear their device most of the time to maximise its effectiveness in straightening your teeth.

Replace the set with new ones every two weeks. Throughout treatment, you will receive multiple sets of these aligners.

Be strict with yourself and remember to change them timeously. Failure to do so will extend your overall treatment time.

What are the benefits of invisible braces for teeth straightening in Bournemouth

Not only is it comfortable to wear, but invisible braces are entirely metal-free, making it barely visible to the untrained eye.

The orthodontic aid is also detachable, which means you can take it out to eat and avoid embarrassing situations caused by having leafy green stuck in your braces.

At the same time, removing your braces to clean your teeth will help you to maintain good oral health and hygiene, because you can reach those hard-to-reach spaces unobstructed by wires and ligatures.

How long will I need to wear the device for?

Treatment time varies from person-to-person and depends on how severe or complicated your dental issue is. However, an approximate time frame is five to ten months.

The shorter time is favourable when compared to the one to two years you would have to endure with traditional braces.

Am I a suitable candidate for invisible braces?

The downside to invisible braces is that they cannot correct all irregularities and imperfections. This brace will be appropriate for you if your dental issues are mild to moderate, but if yours is a more unique or complex case, you might have to consider alternative options.

The good news is that other treatment methods are discrete, light on your teeth and comfortable to wear. Dentist Hannah will provide further information to you in person.

Will my teeth remain straight post-treatment?

The effects of braces to repair crooked teeth, overbites and correct spacing are long-lasting, but there is a chance that your teeth might shift slightly in time.

If you have concerns about this, we can provide you with a retainer to wear post-treatment to keep your teeth in place, which you will have to wear for most of the time in the beginning, and then only at night after that.

Are you considering teeth straightening in Bournemouth? Do not let your age prevent you from getting braces – invisible braces are sleek, discreet and comfortable!


Straighter teeth are healthier teeth

Not only are straighter teeth seen as being healthy, they are in fact better for your health. That’s because straighter teeth have fewer places for bacterial plaque to accumulate and give off the acid that leads to tooth decay and gum disease.

If you are considering the idea of teeth straightening in Bournemouth, but are reluctant to have to live with the embarrassment and possible discomfort of fixed bracket and wire braces, then here at the Queens Park Dental Team, we can offer you a great solution.

Teeth Straightening in BournemouthGet in line with In-Line

At our dental practice in Bournemouth, teeth straightening is achieved with the In-Line system of aligners from Germany.

These twin-layered, clear plastic trays fit over the teeth to become almost invisible. You will receive a series of them to wear consecutively. Each one is slightly different, and will move your teeth by up to 0.6 millimetres. Each aligner takes between four and six weeks to do its work, and you will need to wear it for about 20 hours a day, before moving onto the next aligner, which will move your teeth along another 0.6 millimetres.

When you use this method of teeth straightening in Bournemouth, you don’t have to worry about it getting in the way of eating, drinking and even social events if necessary. As the aligners are removable, it will be easy to keep your teeth, as well as the aligner, clean. You just take it out and brush. You must brush your teeth after every time you eat.

Your journey with us

When you come to see us at Queens Park Dental Team for teeth straightening in Bournemouth, our dentist Hannah Neve will give you an instruction card on how to care for your aligners and a small case to store them when you are not wearing them, for meals and so on. Throughout the course of your treatment, you will need to come back for appointments to change to the next aligner and check how things are progressing.

Once your teeth have reached their correct position, they will need a retainer to settle in and stay put. We offer removable or fixed retainers.

The benefits of teeth straightening in Bournemouth

Do crooked or unevenly spaced teeth cause you problems? Having straighter teeth may allow you to stop hiding your smile, dreading photographs or feeling awkward in social or professional situations. Did you also know that correctly positioned teeth are healthier? This is because they are easier to clean. Also, properly aligned teeth work better as the bite functions correctly. Hannah Neve at Queens Park Dental Team offers teeth straightening in Bournemouth which enhances oral health and gives you a great smile to boost your confidence.

Teeth Straightening in BournemouthModern options for straighter teeth

Many people miss out on corrective work as a child and dismiss it as an adult due to concerns over procedures which they believe are intrusive, unsightly, uncomfortable and time consuming. However, advances in technology mean that having straighter teeth does not rely on having a mouth full of metal for long periods. Hannah is proud to provide her patients with discreet teeth straightening in Bournemouth. In-Line invisible braces use a series of clear plastic trays to gradually guide your teeth into place. They are almost undetectable and made of smooth plastic that fits your mouth exactly. The aligners can be removed for eating and cleaning so fit into your lifestyle easily. You will be provided with a new set every four to six weeks. These are made to fit the changing position of your teeth and continue to guide them into the right place.

Get results fast

Once you have decided on your dream smile, Hannah wants to make sure that you achieve it as soon as possible using teeth straightening in Bournemouth. The In-Line invisible braces system works very quickly and you could be enjoying your new smile in 5-10 months. This is considerably faster than traditional braces treatment, which can take up to two years. As treatment time is very rapid, you also cut down on costs. At the end of the process you will be provided with a retainer to keep your teeth in the correct position.

To find out how teeth straightening in Bournemouth can give you the smile you long for, please do get in touch with Hannah and her experienced team today.

Discreet teeth straightening in Bournemouth

For years, teeth straightening has been associated with metal braces and teenagers. Now, with the latest developments in dentistry, adults too can benefit from teeth straightening without having to resort to metal brackets and wires.

At Queens Park Dental Team, we appreciate that some patients require a little more flexibility than traditional metal braces offer. In-Line invisible braces provide patients with an aesthetically conscious alternative option to traditional teeth straightening in Bournemouth. Our lead dentist, Dr Hannah Neve, will examine your teeth and jaw thoroughly and help you determine whether invisible braces are the right option for you.

Teeth Straightening in BournemouthHow does it work?

Our In-Line clear aligners are made in Germany from a patented powerful twin layer plastic material. The treatment consists of a series of transparent, removable aligners that you switch out about every four to six weeks. These aligners are custom-made with specific and very accurate calculations to gradually move your teeth into their correct place.

Invisible braces can move your teeth quickly, with most treatments lasting between 5-10 months. Finally, In-Line clear aligners are more cost-effective than traditional braces.

Benefits of invisible braces

There are many benefits to In-Line clear aligners compared to traditional teeth straightening treatments. Not only are the aligners almost invisible, making them aesthetically pleasing, but they are also more hygienic than other types of teeth straightening. This is because you can remove them at any time in order to eat, drink or brush and floss your teeth. This way, the risk of getting food stuck in your teeth or aligners is non-existent. Moreover, invisible braces are very comfortable to wear. Since they are made of smooth plastic and they are customised to fit your teeth perfectly, they are less likely to cause irritation or discomfort. They also require fewer adjustments than traditional braces, which is translated to fewer visits to the dentist.

Get in touch

If you have additional questions about discreet teeth straightening in Bournemouth, give us a call and we will book you an appointment with Dr Hannah Neve. She will help you decide whether In-Line Invisible Braces are suitable for you.

A beautiful smile is easier than ever

Some people are lucky enough to have naturally straight and beautiful teeth. Others may have some form of dental defect that can make them feel uncomfortable and unhappy with their appearance. Well, it’s time to say goodbye to these defects with modern and contemporary teeth straightening in Bournemouth, using a treatment called In-Line clear aligners. They make it possible to correct teeth that are too far apart or teeth that are overcrowded. Think how much more confident you will feel with a beautiful new smile with the help of In-Line at Queens Park Dental Team.

Teeth Straightening in BournemouthWhat makes the system so different?

In-Line is almost transparent and at the same time gently moves the teeth. It consists of a set of removable clear plastic braces for your teeth straightening in Bournemouth. This means your teeth are corrected and repositioned without the need for uncomfortable and unsightly traditional fixed metal braces.

Can I have them?

The system is suitable for our patients who are at least 15 years of age. The system can correct almost all cosmetic cases of crowded or gappy teeth. Many of our patients also find that In-Line treatment leads to an improvement in the maintenance of good dental hygiene and therefore an overall improvement in their dental health.

How do they work?

In-Line clear aligners are made in Germany from a patented powerful plastic material. Each aligner moves teeth gradually and a series of aligners are required to subtly move teeth into their desired position.

Each clear aligner will need to be worn for four to six weeks. They are worn on average for 20 hours a day and can be removed for eating, drinking and for social events if necessary. They are transparent, virtually invisible to other people and are very comfortable to wear.

Teeth straightening in Bournemouth has never been so easy at Queens Park Dental Team. This is because you can easily and quickly remove the aligners while eating, drinking and for daily oral hygiene, meaning you are not faced with any dental inconveniences in your daily life, as you can brush and floss your teeth as usual.