Queens Park Dental Team in Bournemouth – emergency dentist services

At Queens Park Dental Team, our professional staff always offer sensitive and supportive care to their patients. However, we understand that, in an emergency situation, this kind of approach is vital for reducing any possible feelings of trauma that the patient might be experiencing. This ensures that our patients do not suffer psychological damage while they are experiencing physical difficulty with the teeth when they visit the emergency dentist in Bournemouth. The right care can make all the difference to the patient’s perception of their experience.

Emergency Dentists in BournemouthWhat can the emergency dentist in Bournemouth do?

The difference between an emergency dental appointment and a regular one is that, during an emergency, the dentist will prioritise issues that are not normally present during routine work. Hannah and the Queens Park Dental Team will be focused on the following:

  • Saving any loose teeth – this is an urgent procedure because, although a tooth may seem solid and inert, it is actually living tissue with nerves and a blood supply. The longer the connection between it and the body is damaged or broken, the less likely it is that the tooth will be secure and function normally again. Given the right treatment from the emergency dentist in Bournemouth, it is often possible to save a loose tooth. If it is not possible to save it, tooth replacement methods are sometimes more effective when considered as soon as possible after the loss of the previous tooth;
  • Pain reduction – many people are prompted to see the emergency dentist in Bournemouth because they are in pain. This may have an underlying cause that will take extensive work to repair, but this does not mean that there is nothing that can be done about the pain in the interim. Hannah and the team will focus on offering pain relief as soon as possible after someone visits Queens Park Dental Team for treatment;
  • Stopping infection – if someone has damage as the result of an accident where a foreign object has interacted violently with the mouth, there can be risk of infection. Hannah will be looking to see if there are any ways to reduce the risk and ensure there is no debris in any wounds.

Why wait until you need the emergency dentist in Bournemouth?

It’s normal for some people to have apprehension about visiting the dentist. Hannah and the Queens Park Dental Team understand that, for some people, visiting the dentist often falls to the bottom of the list. This can be due to absent mindedness but it’s also a result of putting off a visit due to anxiety. The trouble with this strategy is that it can often result in a trip to the emergency dentist in Bournemouth instead. We are pleased to offer this service to help people when they have acute dental trouble but we’d also like the opportunity to address issues with your teeth a long way before this point.

Emergency Dentists in BournemouthHaving an emergency appointment can compound dental anxiety although we hope that, after an experience with the professional and friendly Queens Park Dental Team, you will want to visit again.

Who needs an emergency dentist in Bournemouth?

Let’s say that you have reached the point where you are having issues with your teeth. This can happen gradually or you can experience sudden pain. Some dental issues develop slowly over time but there is often a tipping point where the ache turns quickly to pain. If you find yourself in this situation then call the emergency dentist in Bournemouth as soon as possible. The earlier that you call us, the more likely we are to be able to see you on the same day. We want you to be pain-free as soon as possible, even if fixing the root cause of the problem is going to take more time.

Of course, even if you have regular dental visits, it’s still possible for you to require an emergency dentist in Bournemouth, like Hannah. If you have an accident at home, work or while playing sports, you can chip, crack or otherwise damage your tooth. If you think your tooth may be loose, try to keep it in place, if possible. If it is shattered or too painful to hold in place, get as much of it as you can in some milk. Do not place a lost tooth in water as this makes it less likely that we can save it. Call us straight away for further advice.

Benefits of visiting an emergency dentist in Bournemouth

If you have experienced pain and discomfort from a sudden dental emergency, then you know that an emergency dentist can help. Emergency dentistry has become more common in recent years and is more accessible and affordable than ever.

Emergency Dentist in BournemouthAt Queens Park Dental Team, we are here to help you when you need help most. Our emergency dentist in Bournemouth, Dr Hannah Neve, is here to offer treatment at the first sign of discomfort or infection, preventing serious oral problems from occurring. Simply get in touch, explain your emergency in as much detail as possible and we will strive to book an appointment for you as soon as possible.

Here are a few benefits of visiting the emergency dentist in Bournemouth.

Fortify your oral health

Sudden accidents and injuries can affect the health of your teeth and even lead to tooth loss. Dr Neve can prevent permanent tooth loss and long-term problems and provide specialised treatment for your individual situation.

Protect your oral restorations

Accidents do not always involve your healthy teeth; sometimes they can affect your restorations. If a filling or crown breaks, visiting the emergency dentist in Bournemouth is really important for preventing infection and ensuring that your teeth remain functional. Broken brackets on braces can compromise your entire teeth straightening treatment, therefore seeing Dr Neve for repairs is crucial.

Emergency dentistry can help in more ways than you think

When you have an accident or other injury in your mouth, your first thought may be to visit the hospital. However, the casualty department is not the best place to seek dental treatment as they rarely have the equipment or experience to effectively deal with your dental issues. Therefore, unless you sustain very heavy injuries to your mouth, it is always a better idea to visit an emergency dentist. Immediate treatment of dental problems will prevent the need for extensive and expensive treatments in the future.

Get in touch

To learn more about our emergency dental services in Bournemouth or book an appointment, give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate you. Why not save our number in your phone, just in case an accident or emergency does happen?

Reasons to call an emergency dentist in Bournemouth right away

Dental emergencies occur when you least expect them and they can alter your plans considerably. More importantly, they may leave you wondering if it is possible to find emergency dental care. Seeing an emergency dentist as soon as possible after an accident can mean the difference between saving and losing a tooth.

Emergency Dentist in BournemouthAt Queens Park Dental Team, we offer quality emergency dental care in Bournemouth. Our experienced and highly-trained emergency dentist in Bournemouth, Dr Hannah Neve, will offer solutions for severe pain and will do her best to restore the health of your teeth as soon as you need it. Timing is important in dental emergencies and we will do our best to book an appointment for you as soon as possible.

For a toothache

A toothache is a very common dental emergency and can have many underlying causes. Visiting the emergency dentist in Bournemouth is the best way to resolve it. If the pain is unbearable, ensure that the area is cleaned thoroughly and try to remove any trapped food remains. You can take regular painkillers or use a compress against the side of your mouth. However, do not put medication straight on your affected tooth or teeth as this can harm the gum tissue. Once Dr Neve examines your teeth, she will be able to find the exact cause of your toothache and propose the best treatment possible.

For a knocked-out tooth

If you lose one of your teeth during a sports activity or an accident, it is really important to locate it. Do not touch the tooth from the root and try to remove any dirt gently with lukewarm water. Be careful not to remove any gum tissue. If you store the tooth properly in a container of milk or saline solution, you are more likely to have it reinserted successfully within an hour following the accident.

For chipped and cracked teeth

Chipped and cracked teeth are not usually painful, but quick action by an emergency dentist in Bournemouth is required to prevent infection and reduce the need for extensive dental treatment. Hannah will do her best to restore your chipped or cracked teeth to their previous state.

Call out for a little help

Help is on hand when one of those unfortunate incidents occurs. A sporting accident, a nasty front fall, or the dreaded unbearable pain of an aching tooth. A dental emergency is no laughing matter and our emergency dentist in Bournemouth knows exactly that. Here at Queen’s Park Dental Team we are ready for the call of such emergencies. Hannah Neve, our emergency dentist in Bournemouth, not only understands the importance of time and efficiency but of the reassurance and care needed for the patient going through a dental emergency. It can be a frightening experience for anyone and our Hannah has the knowledge, experience and skills to comfort and support you through this challenging time.

Emergency Dentist in BournemouthWhat to do in a dental emergency

Dental emergencies need to be assessed and treated as quickly as possible so the earlier you can contact us, the earlier we can see you. For painful toothaches or swelling you can alleviate the pain with over-the-counter pain relief but we would still recommend you make an appointment to identify the cause of the pain.

When the dental emergency is due to a sporting accident or a nasty fall, the chances are there have been some damage to some or all of the front teeth. One may even have been knocked out. If this is the case and if you can find the missing tooth, pick it up avoiding the root end as much as possible. If it is dirty, wash it with a bit of saliva and then try to reinsert it back into the socket. If that is not possible, place the tooth in a clean container and cover with milk. If it is a child that has lost a baby tooth, do not try and reinsert it back into the socket as this could damage the adult teeth below. Just cover the tooth with milk (if found) and arrange an appointment with our emergency dentist in Bournemouth as soon as possible.

So don’t suffer through the pain of a dental emergency alone. The Queen’s Park Dental Team are here to support and our emergency dentist in Bournemouth is only a phone call away.

Emergency dentist at your beck and call

Have you ever needed an emergency dentist in Bournemouth?  Hannah Neve is the Queen’s Park Dental Teams’ emergency dentist, ready to be call upon without a moment’s hesitation. Since 1991, Hannah has been focussed on ensuring high-quality work and comfortable surroundings to all the Queen’s Park Dental Team’s patients.

Emergency Dentist in BournemouthWhat is a dental emergency?

Dental emergencies can come in many forms but more often than not it is the unbearable pain or swelling caused by tooth decay. You can counteract the pain of this with over-the-counter painkillers but the earlier you contact us, the earlier we can treat it.

If it is a fear of going to the dentist which prevented you from getting treatment earlier in the first place, our Bournemouth emergency dentist, Hannah Neve can set your mind at ease with her knowledge, professionalism and reassurance. At Queen’s Park Dental Team, we use Vibraject technique as a local anaesthetic. Even though this is an injection, the surrounding vibrations stimulate nerve endings and prevent the transmission of pain feelings being sent to the brain, rendering it almost painless.

Another dental emergency can be a chipped, cracked or knocked out tooth, caused by sporting accidents or falling over. In cases such as this, it is almost always likely that either there are teeth which have been damaged, or knocked out altogether. If the latter is the case and you still have the tooth, then our advice is to pick up the tooth by the crown only and if possible avoid touching the root as much as you can. If you can put it back in the socket, then do so (cleaning it with saliva if it is dirty) but if that is not possible, then place it in a clean container and cover the tooth with milk until you can make an appointment.

Don’t hesitate when it comes to a toothache

Hannah, our emergency dentist in Bournemouth, can be contacted at Queen’s Park Dental Team where we will be able to arrange an emergency appointment. Always with a dental emergency though, the quicker you call us, the quicker we can arrange for a treatment, so if you have an ache or pain in your tooth, get in touch right away.

Same-day pain relief

What’s this? A cracking toothache that takes over your entire head? You can no longer concentrate on your work or talking. Thinking and breathing have become difficult, you cannot even get a good night’s sleep. Perhaps you are unable to eat or drink hot or cold drinks as you usually would? Most of us are familiar with this kind of situation. Our hearts sink with the realisation that life must temporarily go on hold. The pain is simply too much to bear. Quite frankly there is something pretty serious going down in your mouth and the time has come to take the matter seriously.

Emergency Dentists in BournemouthIf you are experiencing chronic tooth ache it’s quite clear you will need to visit an emergency dentist in Bournemouth quick sharp. We can assure you that getting to Queens Park Dental Team cannot possibly happen a moment too soon.

Here in Bournemouth, emergency dentist Hannah Neve is ready to help you. When you call us, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. Regardless of how busy we may be with our routine pre-booked appointments. When you call in an emergency, we will aim to see you on the same day – the earlier in the day you call, the more possible it will be for us to fit you in.

The primary goal of an emergency appointment is to reduce your pain. Heck, we’ll get rid of it all together whenever possible. Once you have stepped into your emergency appointment, you can be sure that you will not be leaving until we have made every effort to get you to a pain-free status. Once this has been achieved we will source the root of the problem and fix it. Yes, this could well take more than one appointment but wherever possible we will do as much as possible on the same day as your emergency call.

The Bournemouth emergency dentist service is for our regular patients and visitors to the area alike. If you are experiencing a nasty toothache, dial our number without further hesitation. If it so happens that you don’t have toothache, save our number. Better to be safe than sorry. You never know when your next toothache will arise.

The facts about tooth abscesses

The words tooth abscess can only fill you with dread. They hurt like crazy, and can be the start of major permanent issues in your mouth including tooth loss. Once you lose a tooth there later comes a myriad of other problems and complications with neighbouring teeth. In fact losing a tooth can affect not just your mouth but your entire state of being, personality and how you feel in your own skin.

Emergency Dentists in BournemouthThe psychological ramifications can last a lifetime. It can change the way you talk, how much you talk and therefore the way you communicate. Without proper care and attention, your smile, interactions with others, the way you eat, drink and think can all change when you lose a tooth. The advice from Hannah here at Queens Park Dental Team is, if you have the slightest inkling that you may have a tooth abscess, get to an emergency dentist in Bournemouth as soon as you can.

Get to know the symptoms of a tooth abscess

Many of the symptoms of a tooth abscess are unmissable. If you experience prolonged toothache, pulsing pain, shooting pains, discomfort in your mouth while chewing, temperature sensitivity, a nasty taste or bad smell coming from your mouth or swollen gums with an open sore, it is very likely you are suffering from an abscess.

Other symptoms can include enlarged glands, a fever, sickness and swellings around your jaw. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, please do not waste a second more. Get on the phone to Hannah Neve, your emergency dentist in Bournemouth. Even if your pain disappears, do not assume you are safe. Tooth abscesses can play tricks. Severe infections can kill your nerves meaning pain seems to cease. Bacteria will continue to claim and destroy healthy tissue if left untreated whether you feel pain or not.

Call your emergency dentist in Bournemouth

When you choose to call Queens Park Dental Team in Bournemouth, Hannah will aim to offer you an appointment on the same day, though the earlier in the day you call, the more likely it is that we will be able to fit you in.

Keep our number handy

If you are the sporty sort and enjoy playing games such as hockey or rugby, you’ve probably visited your dentist to be supplied with a mouth guard. Nothing takes the fun out of a game like a few missing teeth.

However, even with the best intentions, sometimes the worst happens. Maybe you forgot your mouth guard that day or didn’t get around to getting a new one when the old one wore out. Perhaps you lent yours to a friend, or maybe you are into a contact or extreme sport that hasn’t yet seen the value of protecting the teeth.

Emergency Dentist in BournemouthWhatever the reason, if you get a tooth knocked out by a flying ball or from careering off your BMX, you need the dentist, quick. If you happen to live or play on the south coast, having the number of an emergency dentist in Bournemouth in your phone, just in case, is a smart move.

At Queens Park Dental Team, our emergency dentist in Bournemouth Hannah Neve has been in practice for 31 years – there isn’t much she hasn’t seen in terms of dental emergencies. Whatever the state of your mouth, don’t hesitate to give us a call if you’ve lost one or more teeth. The earlier you can call the better as it gives us more chance of being able to see you on the same day.

With a knocked-out tooth, there are a few steps to follow that can give you a good chance of saving it:

  • Pick up the tooth by the crown (the white part above the gum), never by the root (the hidden part below the gum);
  • If you can, put it back in the socket yourself. Clean it with saliva if needed;
  • If it isn’t possible to put it back in the socket, put it in a clean container and cover it with milk;
  • Don’t clean the tooth with water or keep it in water;
  • If the tooth is a child’s milk tooth, don’t try to put it back in the socket as you could damage their adult tooth coming through.

With any luck, our emergency dentist in Bournemouth will be able to re-attach your tooth and restore your grin.

No need to fear the emergency dentist in Bournemouth

Many adults in the UK are afraid of the dentist. It may seem like a bit of a joke or no big deal, but it can be debilitating for some and have serious health consequences. According to National Smile Month, over half of all UK adults have a fear of the dentist, with 12% experiencing extreme anxiety. There are even websites dedicated to helping people overcome dental phobia.

Emergency Dentists in BournemouthIf fear of having dental treatment keeps you away from the dentist’s chair, it means that the early signs of gum disease and tooth decay could go unrecognised, leading to severe toothache further down the line. Over-the-counter painkillers may take the edge off the pain, but they won’t help you deal with the underlying issue.

Now you have a double whammy: fear of the dentist and the absolute need for the dentist.

You are safe in our hands

At Queens Park Dental Team in Bournemouth, our principle dentist Hannah Neve has treated many nervous patients in her 31 years in practice. She fully understands it’s not an easy experience for all. Especially for those who need an emergency dentist in Bournemouth.

If fear of the dentist has kept you away and then you develop toothache, give us a call. We show care and compassion to all our patients. We will do everything we can to fit you in on the same day, though the earlier you call, the sooner we can see you at the emergency dentist in Bournemouth.

What to expect

At your appointment, Hannah will talk you through the treatment you need and answer any questions or concerns you have.

If your treatment involves having local anaesthetic, and fear of needles is one reason you feel anxiety in the dental chair, you can relax because we use the Vibraject injection technique. This is a pain-free way of administering anaesthetic that uses a high vibrational frequency to remove the painful sensation of a needle puncturing the skin.

Investing in such technology shows that we take dental phobia seriously: we won’t dismiss you, lecture you or laugh at you. If you need an emergency dentist in Bournemouth, we are there for you.