Who are Queens Park Dental Team?

We are a small and friendly dental practice who are based in Bournemouth. We strive to help each and every patient we come across and strive to have a positive impact on them and their smile. We wish all of our patients to have a healthy and bright smile as we take time to get to know them on an individual basis and always put their needs first. We offer a number of different treatments which will be discussed in this article.teeth-whitening-bournemouth

We offer all the treatments that you could need, with an emphasis on dental hygiene and preventive practice. We want everyone to have the healthiest smile possible and will make every effort to make our patients grin. This article will show you what practices we offer alongside why you should choose us.

What treatments are available?

We offer many different treatments that can be split up into four categories. This allows our patients to find the treatment that will most benefit them and their smile. With a focus on preventative dentistry, we offer specific kinds of treatment, including the ones dealing with sensitive and children’s teeth. We offer treatments on dental hygiene including fresh breath, smoking cessation, and periodontal treatment. This can ensure that your mouth is being kept as clean and as well looked after as it can be.

We also offer mouth cancer screening so you can be assured that we will look after all aspects of your health. In terms of general treatments, we take on new patients regularly to ensure that they receive the highest level of care. We also offer emergency appointments so you can get the help that you need and fast. We can offer extractions and oral surgery when the need for this practice arises alongside offering mouthguards for contact sports, as well as treatments for pregnant women.

We also offer cosmetic dentistry which can allow you to build the smile that you wish you had. These treatments include Teeth Whitening, Invisible Braces (In-Line), White Fillings, Porcelain Veneers, and Inlays & Onlays. This means you can work with your dentist to build up your new and improved smile. Finally, we offer treatments specifically for missing teeth.

Why should I consider this practice?

We are a practice that puts the needs of our patients before everything else. We want all our patients to feel comfortable and at ease in our practice. We will make every effort to ensure that all patients can access the treatments that they need. We offer the highest standard of care and customer service to best meet the needs of all patients. We keep up to date with modern dental practice to ensure that patients get the best level of treatment. Utilising our motto, every team member here at Queen’s Park will strive to ‘bring a smile to your face’.

If you think that any of these treatments could be for you and you think that this practice could be a good fit for you, then you should consider looking at our website. There you will be kept up to date with how to best access our practice as well as make informed choices about what treatments could be a good fit for you and your smile.

Smile with radiance and shine you deserve, through teeth whitening in Bournemouth

No more filtersteeth-whitening-bournemouth

In recent years an increasing number of new patients are seeking out cosmetic dentistry solutions such as cosmetic teeth whitening, to brighten their smiles, and give their teeth a brighter and healthier appeal. It is speculated by many that the rationale behind this recent peak in dental involvement is due to the increase in social media documentation. As an increasing amount of us are continually documenting and sharing our everyday lives, it may have caused a number of us to become more conscious of the quality of our smiles, which, in turn, has caused an increase in the number of those seeking treatments such as cosmetic teeth whitening in Bournemouth.  Whether or not this rationale is based on fact remains unfounded, but whatever the reasoning is, here at Queens Park Dental Team, we are delighted to be providing a growing number of new patients with treatments which have the potential to improve both their smiles, and their self-esteem.

Withering whiteness

Contrary to what you may imagine, the vast majority of those who seek out cosmetic teeth whitening from us here at Queens Park Dental Team, do not require treatment as a result of poor oral hygiene. There are, in fact, a number of reasons why a patient may seek out cosmetic whitneting to brighten their smiles. One of the most common, and sadly unavoidable, reasons for seeking teeth whitening, is age. As you age, the natural enamel of your teeth can become faded or yellowed – regardless of how often, or how well, you brush and floss. Additionally, there are certain lifestyle choices which can cause the enamel of your teeth to become yellowed, one of the most detrimental of these being smoking and chewing tobacco, as the nicotine within it can cause dark stains on your teeth. Other causes of staining can result from drinking black coffee, tea or red wine. Typically, any fluid which has the potential to stain your clothing can also stain your teeth if consumed regularly. Taking certain types of medication can also result in the enamel of your teeth becoming yellowed or discoloured, as can consuming foods with high levels of acidity.

Clearing things up

With all this in mind, you may be prone to the feeling that a dull, yellow smile is a predetermined, unavoidable fate that lies ahead. However, here at Queens Park Dental we have the solution. Through cosmetic teeth whitening, we can fully eradicate years of superficial staining and discoloration, and leave you with a brighter, whiter smile. Teeth whitening from us here at Queens Park Dental Team is carried out by Hannah, our specialist teeth whitening expert. She provides patients with a home based whitening kit which affords patients the ability to carry out the whitening process from the comfort of your own homes, and at a time which is convenient to you. The treatment process consists of a custom made retainer being constructed from within our practices, providing patients with a bespoke retainer which fits perfectly around your teeth. Following that you would be given the White Dental Beauty’s whitening gel which is applied to the retainer. You are then left to carry out treatment at a time which is convenient to you. This method of teeth whitening can have a massively positive impact on the self-esteem of those who seek it, as you have the ability to complete the process at a time which suits you and tailor the degree of whiteness that you wish your smile to be.

Brighten up your world with cosmetic teeth whitening in Bournemouth

Growing grins

teeth-whitening-bournemouthAcross the country, and all over the world, the past few years have brought about an  unpresidented resurgence in the amount of people seeking out cosmetic dentistry solutions. People of all ages and demographics are increasingly turning to cosmetic dentistry to achieve a more cohesive, bright, and healthy looking smile to boost their self-esteem. Never before have we seen such a peak in interest here at Queens Park Dental Team, and we welcome these new patients with wide, open arms. Whilst a rising amount of patients are seeking out treatments such as teeth whitening in Bournemouth, there are still a number of potential new patients out there who refrain from seeking such treatments due to fears or concerns about safety. As such, we’ve done our best to address some of these concerns, to help put your mind at ease and allow you to take the next step in brightening your smile.

A sensitive issue

Often, one of the main concerns that causes potential patients from seeking out cosmetic tooth whitening is how treatment can damage the enamel on their teeth and increase sensitivity. The reason behind these concerns comes from the rise in over-the-counter home whitening kits, which often do not inform their users of the correct amount of time to wear the retainers. This, sadly, sometimes results in people damaging their enamel as they wear the retainer for far too long in the hope of achieving a whiter smile. At Queens Park however, we use a home-whitening kit which is clinically tested and approved. We use the White Dental Beauty method of teeth whitening, which involves the application of a thin layer of peroxide-based whitening gel within a custom-moulded retainer. This retainer is fitted around each patient’s unique dental structure, by our teeth whitening specialist Hanna. Thereafter, patients are free to take their retainer home and continue the whitening process over around two weeks. Over this time, patients can gradually see the effects of the gel when they wear their retainer – and it gives them the opportunity to tailor how white they wish their smile to be, and mould the treatment around their own schedule and the sensitivity of their teeth.

Reasons for seeking treatment

Discoloration or staining to a patient’s teeth is generally divided into two distinct forms. The first, and the most common form of staining is known as ‘Extrinsic’ discoloration. This form of staining is generally removable through cosmetic teeth whitening, and is caused when foods, beverages, or certain lifestyle choices such as smoking or chewing tobacco, result in superficial stains to a patient’s teeth. The consumption of high-acidic foods and poor oral hygiene can also result in extrinsic discoloration or staining. The second form of staining is known as ‘Intrinsic’ discoloration, which is when the actual inside of the tooth has become stained. This is a far rarer form of staining which is generally caused by taking certain medications, or a medical condition. Whilst this form of staining can be brightened by cosmetic teeth whitening, it generally requires more treatment than extrinsic discolouration. However, through our method of home-whitening, patients can gradually achieve a whiter, healthier looking smile which will renew their sense of self-esteem and confidence, and keep them smiling for some time to come.

When toothache becomes a visit to the emergency dentist in Bournemouth

It’s very common to try and ignore a toothache. Often, the odd pain is there for a moment and then gone, and never comes back. But if pain persists over a number of days and is throbbing so badly that it is taking over your head, then please get yourself to Queens Park Dental Team so that Hannah Neve, an emergency dentist in Bournemouth can take a look at your mouth.emergency-dentist-bournemouth

Call us for an appointment and explain what is going on with your mouth. We will do our best to fit you in for an emergency appointment on the day you call us.

Don’t ignore severe toothache

It’s tempting to ignore a toothache, and hope that it will clear up by itself, but if it is an infection in your tooth, leaving it to its own devices could be a big mistake. Infections in the teeth tend to go down into the root and then they can move from the root into the jawbone, where they can kill off tissue.


If you have an infection in your tooth, you may well have an abscess. These are wells of pus that tend to collect under the gumline around the base of the tooth.

What can the emergency dentist in Bournemouth do?

Hannah’s first priority will be to get rid of your pain, with a local anaesthetic. Once you are no longer hurting, she can move to cleaning out the infection. This will mean draining the pus away and clearing out any infection in the tooth. Often, the pulp of the tooth is infected and this will need to be removed. Hannah will then use a filling material in its place and put a temporary crown on top. You will need to come back to have a permanent crown fitted.

Don’t cancel if the pain subsides

If you have made an appointment and your toothache suddenly stops, please come and see Hannah anyway. The cessation of pain is not a good thing. It is often a sign that the infection has killed the tooth, and is now making its way into your jawbone.

How do teeth whitening trays work?

When watching movies, do you ever wonder how film stars get their teeth so white? You might look after yours properly, but no amount of brushing and flossing leaves you with that dazzling smile.teeth-whitening-bournemouth

Our teeth naturally discolour and become dull as we get older, but that shouldn’t mean you should live with a smile you hate.

Teeth whitening in Bournemouth have made a desirable smile more attainable, especially at our reputable practice, Queens Park.

Come and chat with our specialised dental practitioner, Hannah, if you are serious about changing your appearance.

Our method to teeth whitening

There are options to whitening your teeth, but using custom trays are the most effective method that is gentle on your mouth.

People react to having whitening their teeth differently and experience various side effects. Our approach is gradual and less harsh on your teeth. We also offer aids to help provide relief for the discomfort you experience.

How does the trays system work?

If you’re a suitable candidate for teeth whitening, Hannah will take dental impressions of your teeth so that our lab technicians can create customised sets of trays that fit the shape of your mouth exactly.

Each tray, one for your top teeth and one for your bottom, are pre-filled with a teeth whitening gel that contains trace amounts of Hydrogen Peroxide. Place them over your teeth a couple of hours every night and see the difference in a few weeks!

What is the difference between over-the-counter trays and ones prescribed by dentists?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment that is considered the quickest way of transforming how you look.

DIY kits can be bought over-the-counter, but there are risks in implementing the procedure yourself, without the professional guidance by our highly qualified cosmetic dentist, Hannah.

Trays that you buy at a pharmacy or drugstore aren’t made to fit your unique mouth, and therefore, run the risk of leaking. Not only do your teeth not receive the bleach they need, but your gums also become aggravated.

Prevent this from happening by consulting with our dental practitioner, and receiving customised trays that whiten your teeth safely and effectively.

Are there risks involved?

As we have already mentioned, people’s reactions to having their teeth whitened vary. Patients with more sensitive teeth might experience more discomfort. However, this tenderness is temporary and can be relieved with painkillers.

We put measures in place to make your teeth whitening experience as painless as possible with professional teeth cleaning. We will also treat gum disease and other mouth conditions before giving the green light on treatment.

If this pain lasts for more than a couple of days, consult with our dentist to rule out more significant dental issues that need addressing.

Is teeth whitening in Bournemouth permanent

Unfortunately, teeth whitening does not last forever, but there are certain practices one can undertake to ensure they last a while.

For one, watch what you consume by avoiding food and drink that stains, such as red wine and coffee. Try to reduce your smoke to ensure a whiter smile for longer.

Are you self conscious about your imperfect teeth? Teeth whitening in Bournemouth is the quickest way to a brighter smile.

Straighten your teeth without having to rely on traditional braces

Everyone wants straight teeth, but the prospect of wearing braces is undesirable for most people.

teeth-straightening-bournemouthWhile current methods of teeth straightening in Bournemouth have changed society’s thoughts about traditional orthodontic devices, nothing quite compares to In-Line Invisible braces.

We provide In-Line Invisible Braces to those who want straight teeth without the hassle and discomfort of wearing metal braces.

Make a booking with our highly skilled and experienced dentist, Hannah, to see if this is the right device for your needs!

What are invisible braces exactly?

Invisible braces comprise as a pair of clear plastic retainers that are designed to fit your mouth perfectly.

The retainers are comfortable to wear, easy to maintain and will fit your lifestyle. They can be removed to eat, drink, and when you clean your teeth. We advise invisible braces users to wear their device most of the time to maximise its effectiveness in straightening your teeth.

Replace the set with new ones every two weeks. Throughout treatment, you will receive multiple sets of these aligners.

Be strict with yourself and remember to change them timeously. Failure to do so will extend your overall treatment time.

What are the benefits of invisible braces for teeth straightening in Bournemouth

Not only is it comfortable to wear, but invisible braces are entirely metal-free, making it barely visible to the untrained eye.

The orthodontic aid is also detachable, which means you can take it out to eat and avoid embarrassing situations caused by having leafy green stuck in your braces.

At the same time, removing your braces to clean your teeth will help you to maintain good oral health and hygiene, because you can reach those hard-to-reach spaces unobstructed by wires and ligatures.

How long will I need to wear the device for?

Treatment time varies from person-to-person and depends on how severe or complicated your dental issue is. However, an approximate time frame is five to ten months.

The shorter time is favourable when compared to the one to two years you would have to endure with traditional braces.

Am I a suitable candidate for invisible braces?

The downside to invisible braces is that they cannot correct all irregularities and imperfections. This brace will be appropriate for you if your dental issues are mild to moderate, but if yours is a more unique or complex case, you might have to consider alternative options.

The good news is that other treatment methods are discrete, light on your teeth and comfortable to wear. Dentist Hannah will provide further information to you in person.

Will my teeth remain straight post-treatment?

The effects of braces to repair crooked teeth, overbites and correct spacing are long-lasting, but there is a chance that your teeth might shift slightly in time.

If you have concerns about this, we can provide you with a retainer to wear post-treatment to keep your teeth in place, which you will have to wear for most of the time in the beginning, and then only at night after that.

Are you considering teeth straightening in Bournemouth? Do not let your age prevent you from getting braces – invisible braces are sleek, discreet and comfortable!


Shine like stars, thanks to expert teeth whitening in Bournemouth

A rising tide

teeth-whitening-bournemouthNowadays, we are living in an increasingly image conscious world. With the ever-expanding world of social media, and the consistent documentation of every aspect of our lives, more and more of us are taking steps to improve our overall aesthetic appeal. In recent years, we’ve witnessed an unprecedented rise in the amount of patients, both young and older, who are seeking cosmetic dentistry solutions from us here at Queens Park Dental Team. Those who do, do so to achieve a straighter, healthier looking smile. Treatments such as teeth whitening in Bournemouth have never been so popular as a rising amount of new patients are taking the initiative to improve their smiles, and boost their self-esteem.

Faded smiles

Often, those who seek cosmetic teeth whitening from us here at Queens Park Dental Team are not doing so due to neglect or poor dental hygiene. There are innumerable factors which, over time, can result in the natural enamel of a patient’s teeth becoming dulled or yellowed, which can often lead to their self-confidence and social well-being suffering. It is said that the main causes of tooth whitening can be divided into two distinct categories and these are defined as ‘extrinsic’ and ‘intrinsic’ staining. Extrinsic stains are the most common. These are when the surface enamel on a patient’s teeth – which is the outermost layer of the tooth – becomes stained or yellowed. This form of staining is what we generally remove through our teeth whitening treatments at Queens Park Dental Team. The number one cause of extrinsic staining on a patient’s teeth is lifestyle choices with smoking, chewing tobacco, and drinking black tea or coffee being the worst offenders. Generally speaking, any substance which can stain your clothing has the potential to stain your teeth. This includes a number of food products and sauces, such as soy and balsamic vinegar. Acidic food and drink products also erode the enamel on a patient’s teeth, making them more vulnerable to staining.

Brightening up your day

However, whilst this may all sound a bit doom-and-gloom, and those who suffer from stained or discolored teeth can often feel self-conscious, we have the solution here at Queens Park Dental Team. We can eradicate staining and discoloration from your teeth in as little as two appointments. The process of teeth whitening from us is a tray-based system which allows you to carry out treatment from your own home. The basis of our tray-based system involves a consultation period between the patient and Hannah, our lead cosmetic teeth whitening specialist. Then, providing the patients feel comfortable and clued in on the process, an impression will be taken from within our practice – from which a unique retainer will be created. Thereafter, you will be given your uniquely moulded retainer, and the White Dental Beauty’s teeth whitening gel. This gel contains a patented, peroxide-based formula, which has been designed to maximise the results of the treatment in a way that is perfectly safe and will not damage the integrity of the patient’s teeth. Also, it has a smooth, minty fresh taste. Over the following weeks, patients wear their retainers at a time which is convenient to them, and will slowly begin to see their smiles whiten and brighten until they shine like the stars they truly are.

What is considered a dental emergency?

Experience intolerable toothache is terrifying; even worse if you are scrambling to find an emergency dentist in Bournemouth that can administer urgent dental treatments.

emergency-dentist -bournemouthBut how can you differentiate between issues that need immediate medical attention by Hannah and our dental team and problems that can wait another day?

Scenario One: Pain

Experiencing tenderness is a symptom of an unhealthy mouth. There are two types of pain which you should never ignore; soreness that occurs without warning and recurring pain that increases in intensity over time.

Painkillers, like Ibuprofen, might provide you with temporary relief, but ultimately you will need to see us to find the source of your pain and treat it accordingly.

Avoiding seeing the emergency dentist in Bournemouth is never advised because it could result in you losing a natural tooth!

Scenario Two: profuse bleeding

Mouth injuries are typically accompanied by bleeding. In most cases, you should see your nearest dental clinic anyway to assess the damage caused by a hard impact to the mouth, but the need is more pressing if you continue to bleed.

Finding blood in your saliva is also concerning as it could be early signs of bodily illnesses, such as cancer.

While gums that bleed easily are not necessarily regarded as a medical emergency, you could have Gingivitis, which can lead to severe conditions if left untreated. We advise that you see us as soon as possible if you suspect you have problems with your gums!

Scenario Three: You have knocked out or fractured your tooth

Eating something hard might lead to a broken tooth if you are not careful! If this happens to you, you will need to see our dentist urgent to save your tooth.

The first hour after losing it is crucial because the longer the tooth is out of place, the less likely it can be salvaged.

There are certain things you can do to better your chances if you cannot see the dental practitioner straightaway.

  1. Pick up the tooth root side up and clean it with spit, before repositioning it in the socket.
  2. If the above is not possible, place the tooth in your cheek, or milk but not water.

Prevention is the best cure

Dental emergencies are never fun. However, for the most part, they can be prevented if you take better care of your teeth.

Despite there being so much information on dental hygiene, most people have not mastered the basics and do not put enough time and energy into their teeth-cleaning.

Brush twice daily for two to three minutes, followed by vigorous flossing and rinsing with a mouthwash. Simply brushing is not good enough to remove harmful germs and you are bound to experience dental issues down the line.

Finally, see your dentist twice a year. These routine checkups might seem unnecessary to you, but essential in keeping your mouth healthy and germ-free. During these appointments, small issues are diagnosed before they get worse.

Prepare for the worst

No one can predict dental emergencies, but that does not mean you should not prepare for them ahead of time..

Find a dentist who can fit you in on the same day of the accident or pain occurring. You should also seek out an oral health provider that provides after-hour services while offering top-quality care.

Need an emergency dentist in Bournemouth? We can help!

Whoops I did it again – slipped and fell, chipped a tooth, knocked another one out!

If you’ve just knocked a tooth out the best thing to do is firstly not panic. You may well be in pain, you need advice so call your local emergency dentist. In Bournemouth, Queens Park Dental Team can offer you a quick and reliable service.

bournemouth-emergency-dentistOnce you’ve called us it’s likely that we’ll call you in for an appointment as soon as we can on the same day. In the meantime, you need to look after your tooth to give yourself the best possibility of keeping it and having it re-implanted.

What do I do with my fallen out tooth?

Firstly, clean it. Don’t clean with water, instead, try to lick it or suck it. Your own saliva is better than anything else. If you can’t do this due to your mouth being swollen or if you’re in pain, then wash with milk. Then leave it in your cheek to transport to the dental practice.

On arrival we will clean and treat the area, making sure it’s sterile and seeing if we can successfully put your tooth back. If we can’t, we’ll discuss treatment plans with you and the options available to you.

Once you’re treated, we’ll send you home, making sure your pain is under control and the next step in your recovery is laid out.

Replacing the tooth

Now your emergency has passed and you’re no longer needing an emergency dentist in Bournemouth, we’ll put together your treatment plan. It’s likely we will have offered you a range of options including dental implants. Dental implants require a minor surgery to implant a tiny screw into your jawbone. Once in place it holds a denture or crown steadily in place, resulting in a natural finish.

If you’ve cracked or chipped other teeth in your accident, another is option veneers. These are thin porcelain sheaths that fit over the tooth, protecting the natural tooth below and fully restoring the cosmetic look of your teeth.

If you want your accident to go from an emergency to a result, look no further than Hannah Neve, our head dentist, and our team, to respond as your emergency dentist in Bournemouth.

Ouch my teeth hurt

You’ve not been to the dentist in quite a while and you’ve woken in pain. What to do? You need an emergency dentist. In Bournemouth you need look no further than Queens Park Dental Team.

emergency-dentistHannah Neve and the team at Queens Park Gardens are here to help you if you suddenly find yourself in pain. We often put off getting our teeth looked at due to fear or just because we don’t enjoy seeing the dentist. Most emergencies are due to pain from abscesses and infected teeth, which could be avoided through regular check-ups and dental care.

If you pick your dentist carefully, you might find the dental team who will support you to overcome your fears and ensure you don’t have to see an emergency dentist in Bournemouth at all.

What does Queens Park Dental Team offer?

It’s good to check that your dentist keeps up to date with technology and advancements in treatment. We believe in providing you with the best of care and we’re proud of our quality and excellence, having been accredited through Denplan Excel. However, we don’t just believe in technology, we also believe in a warm, friendly team with a service provided in a clean, modern environment. We feel we hit the right balance of both, putting our patients at the centre of care.

In addition to our training, ethos and environment we also have a good range of dental care that can ensure ongoing oral hygiene and wellbeing. We offer preventive as well as general treatments, so you shouldn’t need to see the emergency dentist. In Bournemouth, you can also access the latest in smile enhancement.

Smiling instead of hopping in pain

Not only do we offer core dentistry, we also offer cosmetic dentistry. You could therefore walk out of our surgery with a full white smile. We offer everything from teeth whitening to onlays. And should your emergency involve a tooth being knocked out, we can either re-attach it, if it’s possible or tell you all about dental implants and how they can replace teeth to be as new.

If you need an emergency dentist, or you would like to find out more about our services, ring our reception for details.