Do you know what to do in a dental emergency?

You never think it’ll happen to you, a dental emergency that is. After all, you don’t play any contact sports, hockey, golf or anything else involving hard, flying objects. You always make sure you wear weather-appropriate shoes to avoid trips or falls when sleet hits the streets. You are the epitome of caution and prudence.

dental-emergencyBut unfortunately, accidents and injuries don’t play by your rules. As careful as you are, there is no accounting for the rest of the world. And then there are the more insidious causes of dental emergencies, the nagging toothache that suddenly becomes excruciating or that sneaky tooth infection that turns into an abscess.

So what should you do? First off, put the contact details of our emergency dentist in Bournemouth, Dr Hannah Neve at Queens Park Dental Team, in your phone.

Now that’s done, it’s time to swat up on a few of the basics of dealing with dental emergencies so that in the time between your dental emergency striking and you walking into our dental practice, you can find some relief.

A knocked out tooth

First find that tooth and pick it up from the crown, not the root. If you can pop it back into the socket, great. If not, keep it in a container of milk or your saliva. Get you and your tooth to our emergency dentist in Bournemouth within 2 hours and there is every chance that we can re-attach your tooth.

Please note that if a child has a milk tooth knocked out, do not attempt to place it back into the socket as this could damage the adult teeth underneath.

A severe toothache

Check that you haven’t got any food trapped between your teeth that is causing your toothache. Try flossing to dislodge anything trapped. If you are still in pain, apply a cold compress to the outside of your cheek to help ease it. Then call our emergency dentist in Bournemouth.

An abscess

Rinse out your mouth with a very mild salt solution; add 1 teaspoon of salt to half a litre of water. This will ease the pain and draw any pus to the surface of the abscess. Then see us as soon as possible.

Get relief when you need it most

If I asked you what to do in a medical emergency, you’d probably know the answer. Depending on the severity, you’d call an ambulance, dash to A&E or find your nearest walk-in clinic. But what about a dental emergency, would you know what to do then? It seems silly to walk into A&E with a toothache and you probably won’t be greeted too enthusiastically by the overworked junior doctor when you do. But it is important that you get that excruciating toothache seen to. That’s when you need to call the emergency dentist in Bournemouth.

emergency-dentist-bournemouthAt Queens Park Dental Team, our emergency dentist Dr Hannah Neve will see to your dental pain and restore your dental health, whatever your dental emergency.

What is a dental emergency?

If you’re not sure if you are in need of an emergency dentist in Bournemouth, your best bet is to give us a call. We’ll let you know whether or not you need to come in to see us as soon as possible. But for now, to give you a better idea of where you stand when it comes to dental emergencies, here are a few of the most common ones:

  • fully or partially knocked out tooth or teeth
  • chipped or cracked teeth
  • severe toothache
  • swelling
  • bleeding
  • abscesses.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, so if you are in dental pain but aren’t presenting with any of the above, you may still need an emergency dentist in Bournemouth to take a look at your mouth.

What can we do for you?

When you come to see Hannah, she will provide pain relief if you are in need of any. Then she will inspect your mouth to find out the extent of the damage. This damaged area will be cleaned and sterilised to prevent infection. Next she will set about repairing the damage. Wherever possible a permanent solution will be applied and if not, a temporary fix will tide you over until you come back for further repairs.

With your dental emergency taken care of, you can get on with your day knowing that your future dental health is protected.

Surf’s up!

Every year, surfing and stand-up paddleboarding become more popular. In fact, it’s getting pretty crowded out there among the waves on Bournemouth beach and Boscombe Reef. As the number of surfboards and paddleboards increase, so do your chances of getting smacked in the mouth by one, either your own or someone else’s.

Emergency Dentists in BournemouthSuppose you do get a board in the chops and you suddenly have a mouthful of blood and your own teeth, will you know what to do, or how to find an emergency dentist in Bournemouth?

Planning a holiday abroad usually involves accident insurance and your package tour rep will know all about hospitals and dentists, but people rarely think about such things when they are holidaying in the UK.

But when it comes to dental emergencies, it isn’t simply a matter of calling 999 or going to the local A&E; you need to find an emergency dentist in Bournemouth and that may not be so easy if you are shaking and spitting blood after colliding with a board. Far better to have the number of an emergency dentist in Bournemouth already in your phone, so why put in ours?

Hannah and her team at Queens Park Dental Team in Bournemouth have seen their fair share of knocked out teeth, and if you can get your teeth to the team within two hours of the collision, you stand a pretty good chance of having them successfully reinserted.

Be prepared!

Along with your sunscreen, you should take a knocked-out tooth kit. This will help you get any teeth to the dentist in the right condition. If you are taking a cool bag, put in a jar with some milk in it. You can then put any knocked out teeth into the milk. Saliva is the perfect liquid to store teeth in, but if you can’t keep your teeth in your mouth, put them in milk. On no account, store them in tap water. It will kill the fibres around the tooth. Neither should you leave the tooth out of liquid as drying will also render it ‘un-put-backable’.

Of course, if you are a regular boarder, the best thing to do is a get a mouth guard.

Emergency! Emergency!

It’s sudden, it’s unexpected and it hurts like hell. It’s a dental emergency and you need to get yourself to an emergency dentist in Bournemouth as soon as you can. But, you’re in a panic. Your teeth are on the ground in front of you, or you have woken up in so much pain you can barely move your head. Either way, right now you wish you knew the number of an emergency dentist in Bournemouth off by heart, just like you know to dial 999 for a medical emergency.

Emergency Dentists in BournemouthInstead, you are going to have to hunt around in your wallet looking for that appointment slip you were given for your next check-up. Or you’re going to have to go online and key in ‘emergency dentist in Bournemouth’ to find the nearest one and hope to goodness they have a space for you today. All next to impossible to do if you are shaking all over after an accident or your head hurts so much you can barely see. Don’t you wish you’d had the foresight to store the number of Hannah and the Queens Park Dental Team in your phone? But that’s the thing with emergencies, we never think they are going to happen to us.

Do it now. Put our number in your phone. Put it in your kids’ phone too. Put it in your elderly parents’ phones and your partner’s phone. Now that everyone has our number in their phones, you can relax. You are covered for contacting us in a dental emergency. Now you just need to figure out what a dental emergency actually is.


If you wake up with severe toothache, or you have had one for more than a day or two, this is an emergency. You need to get here so that we can get rid of the pain and deal with any infection. Leave it, and you might lose your tooth.

Knocked out teeth

If you can get yourself and your teeth to us within two hours of them being knocked out, we stand a good chance of being able to re-insert them.

Don’t wait till it’s too late

Much as we love to see our patients at Queens Park Dental Team, we prefer that it’s at your regular appointments or for special, cosmetic treatment than in an emergency situation. Hannah and the team offer plenty of advice to keep serious dental issues at bay. We can also give you a regular clean and polish to make sure your teeth stay healthy. That being said, we are also proud of the skills we can offer as an emergency dentist in Bournemouth.

Emergency Dentist in BournemouthGetting an appointment

When you need an emergency dentist, it’s as simple as giving us a call. We can take you through the appointment process as quickly as possible and get you in to see Hannah or another member of the team. If we can fit you in on the same day that you call, we will do so. If not, then you will be a priority on the following day. The earlier you make the call, the better, so don’t wait until it’s too late. This applies both in an emergency and if you think you have any issues with your teeth. It’s tempting to hope it will go away or that nothing is really wrong but, deep down, you know when something is out of kilter with your teeth.

If you are experiencing slight pain, persistent bleeding when you brush your teeth, bad breath or you think a tooth is slightly loose, don’t wait. Queens Park Dental Team may be able to arrest the development of issues and reverse the damage so that you never need to see the emergency dentist in Bournemouth.


Aftercare is an important part of the process when you have any dental treatment. After seeing the emergency dentist in Bournemouth, this might involve following a course of treatment to fully repair or restore your teeth following whatever temporary fix we have applied to keep you going. Even if this is not the case, it is likely to involve a follow-up appointment sooner than your regular check-up to ensure that everything is working and healing as it should. We are also on hand if you have any questions or you need advice about recovery in the interim.

Denture problems – do you need to see an emergency dentist in Bournemouth?

There are some dental solutions that you rely on to support your lifestyle and allow you to perform basic, everyday tasks like eating properly. If you are a denture wearer, you know how reliant you are on your dental equipment. When you experience problems with your dentures, it can have a knock-on effect on your ability to enjoy life. You may feel like you need help from an emergency dentist in Bournemouth straight away.

Emergency Dentist in BournemouthThe first service that we offer as an emergency dentist in Bournemouth at Queens Park Dental is reassurance and advice over the phone. You can speak to Hannah or another member of our team about your immediate issues and we can help make you comfortable and get you an appointment as soon as possible.

Why do dentures break?

Dentures are in use all the time and they experience a lot of wear and tear. This can lead to long-term damage, which we can usually look at during your regular appointments. They can also get damaged during your daily cleaning routine so make sure that, as you go through the steps, you have a towel underneath your dentures so that if you do drop them, they do not hit a hard surface.

The other way that dentures commonly break is via an accident. This can cause damage in the mouth as well. If you wear a partial denture, you can experience damage to your remaining teeth as well. Under these circumstances, you are more likely to need the assistance of an emergency dentist in Bournemouth like Hannah and the team at Queens Park Dental.

What should you do if your denture breaks?

Ensure that you keep all the pieces together, as we may be able to repair the damage. Check you mouth thoroughly for any small or sharp pieces that could damage your soft tissues. If you are experiencing any bleeding, rinse your mouth out with slightly salty water as this can help to prevent infection. Like any cut, the bleeding should stop after a while, but it can take a little longer due to the moisture in the mouth. Call us as soon as possible for further advice and an appointment.

A quick phone call

During a dental emergency, a quick phone call means a quicker appointment and less time you will be in unnecessary pain. Our emergency dentist in Bournemouth always advises that the sooner you call, the sooner we can help. A dental emergency can be a painful, frightening experience and one you will want rectified as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Emergency Dentists in BournemouthWhat is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency can come in many forms and an Bournemouth emergency dentist such as ours at Queen’s Park Dental Team is experienced and focussed on locating and getting rid of any pain or applying a solution to whatever the emergency may be.

A dental emergency can be the unrelenting pain of an abscess or tooth decay. Sometimes this has occurred because you have put off attending a dentist in the first place. Our emergency dentist in Bournemouth is skilled as well as being caring, sympathetic and reassuring. With the use of modern technology, local anaesthetic can numb the area without the pain of an initial injection.

A dental emergency may also have come about due to a sporting accident or a particularly bad front fall. With the nature of these dental emergencies, there comes the potential of a missing tooth, or two. If it is possible, then our emergency dentist in Bournemouth would suggest you try and find the missing teeth and either, if you are feeling bold, try and reinsert it into the socket (cleaning it first by using a bit of saliva) or if that seems an unlikely choice, place it in a clean container covered with some milk and bring it to the appointment with you where our emergency dentist will try and replace it for you. If the accident has involved a young child and their milk teeth have been knocked out, then we would advise you to bring these to the appointment and not to try and replace them yourself. Replacing them yourself could potentially harm the adult teeth beneath them.

Whatever the situation is, our emergency dentist in Bournemouth does not wish for anyone to endure the pain or anxiety of a dental emergency longer than necessary.

Locating an emergency dentist in Bournemouth

A dental emergency can be a traumatic and frightening experience. Hannah Neve, our emergency dentist in Bournemouth has the experience and knowledge to assist and calm a patient during such a time. Hannah has ensured a long-standing high quality to the team and the practice of Queen’s Park Dental Team so if you ever find yourself in need of an emergency dentist in Bournemouth, calling Queen’s Park Dental Team should be your top priority.

Emergency Dentists in BournemouthHow urgent is a dental emergency?

Hannah fully comprehends that a dental emergency is a real emergency so the sooner you call, the sooner we can arrange an appointment. We understand the unbearable pain of an abscess or tooth decay so even at the smallest niggling feeling of pain, call straight away. In Bournemouth, emergency dentist Hannah Neve would advise you not to wait. Of course, if the pain is sudden and it is out-of-hours, then we would recommend over-the-counter pain killer as some relief during the time before we can see you. We understand that an emergency of this kind may have arisen out of fear from visiting a dentist in the first place but please don’t suffer alone. Hannah can reassure you and make you feel as comfortable as possible. With the use of modern technology, applying local anaesthetic could not be easier.

A dental emergency may even come in the guise of a nasty fall or sporting incident. If there are any missing teeth then we would suggest, if possible, collecting them and bringing them with you covered in milk in a clean container. If it is achievable it is always better, and less expensive, to try and reinsert real teeth. If you are of the more courageous sort, then reinserting it yourself is also an option. Our emergency dentist in Bournemouth, Hannah would advise you not to try and reinsert the milk tooth of a young child as this could potentially damage the adult tooth beneath it.

If you have dental emergencies regarding braces or broken brackets, contact us immediately and we will advise you on any action that can remedy the problem, either over the phone or we will arrange an appointment to see you as soon as possible.

Grin and bear it

On average, most people get away with visiting the dentist about twice a year. But sometimes life is beyond our control, and sometimes this means an unexpected visit to the emergency dentist in Bournemouth.

Emergency Dentists in BournemouthBe it from getting too excited and running blindly ahead before tripping over and meeting the concrete, getting feisty in a competitive game of sport, or making your way through a bag of popcorn at the cinema when you come across that nasty kernel, you may suddenly find yourself with lacking part, or all, of your tooth. We understand that you can’t hang around for weeks, or even months, until your next scheduled check-up to get sorted.

So, to avoid an unnecessary, painful and inconvenient chunk of time trying to get on as normal with unsightly gaps in the teeth, you can call on the emergency dentist in Bournemouth. Once you’ve gathered yourself and can think clearly, we’ll take it from there.

Here at Queens Park Dental Team, we aim to see you the same day as the incident, however the sooner you can let us know, the sooner we can sort you out. Hannah will help you feel at ease, and do her best to give you the necessary treatment immediately. Before you have time to think about having to get used to the chip or arranging a memorial for your missing bit of tooth, it will be as if the accident never happened.

Prompt relief from pain

A more common cause that brings people to the emergency dentist in Bournemouth is underlying bacterial infection developing over time and building up to cause a painful sensation in the mouth. This can be from lack of regular oral hygiene, or from avoiding dental check-ups. When the tooth is exposed to bacteria it can get infected and become incredibly painful.

It’s best to face this as soon as possible, when you begin to experience minor toothache, so the dentist can prevent this. We will see you as soon as possible, but in the meantime over-the-counter medication can help calm the pain. Hannah is friendly, professional, and completely non-judgemental, and she will advise how to help the pain subside.

The shock when your teeth take a knock

There are many things in life that we take for granted, and teeth are one of them. We use them every day without thinking, so it can be quite a shock when one day they are knocked or chipped. Suddenly you are so grateful for every single one of your teeth. All you want to do is turn back time and put down the bottle you smashed it on or avoided that wee stone in the bag of mixed nuts. Unfortunately, you can’t turn back time, what you can do is get yourself down to the emergency dentist in Bournemouth.

Emergency Dentists in BournemouthPanic over

Here, at Queens Park Dental, Hannah will be ready to help you and assure you that everything will be okay. Chips may be caused by accidents such as falling onto hard concrete. This alone can be a shock, but for some people, this may double up with having no choice but to face their fear of the dentist.

Hannah is friendly and reassuring and has had lots of experience dealing with nervous patients. If you suffer from dental phobia and are anxious about going to the emergency dentist in Bournemouth, Hannah will take the time to listen to you and help you feel calm. Furthermore, if your specific treatment calls for it, we offer the Vibraject injection technique as a local anaesthetic to help numb the pain.

As well as sudden accidents, long-term neglect of thorough oral care can lead people to the emergency dentist in Bournemouth. This is especially common in those who experience dental fear, so much so that they avoid the dentist at all costs. If you don’t attend the recommended check-ups, not only can Hannah not advise you on any necessary treatments, but she won’t be able to spot the signs of tooth decay to help prevent gum disease. If you continue to ignore toothache, it can cause severe discomfort and pain, which calls for emergency care, and will most likely require more work than if it was spotted earlier.

Whatever the cause of your emergency treatment, give us a ring and we’ll give you advice on what to do before you reach us, and aim to see you as soon as possible.