Visiting the dentist when pregnant and with small children

Visiting the dentist on a regular basis is very important at every stage of life. However, at Queens Park Dental Team in Bournemouth we believe that during pregnancy it is more important than ever to look after your oral health. We also believe that bringing children in to see the dentist from a young age can help them establish good dental health for life.

Your teeth during pregnancy

pregnant womenMost pregnant women are aware that they should take extra care with what they eat and drink during pregnancy. However, not so many know that they should also make regular visits to the dentist.

Pregnancy increases the levels of oestrogen and progesterone in the body, which can cause pregnancy gingivitis (gum disease) and increased tooth sensitivity. Some 50% of pregnant women in the UK are affected by pregnancy gingivitis, so it’s very important to take extra care of your teeth.

Dental health tips for pregnant women include:

  • Do not brush your teeth straight after being sick if you experience morning sickness. Instead, drink a glass of water while your nausea subsides, and wait about an hour to clean your teeth.
  • Be aware of signs of gum disease, such as bleeding gums.
  • Visit your dentist if your teeth become extra-sensitive.

Children’s teeth

At our Bournemouth dental practice, we recommend seeing children from a young age. This will help them to establish good oral health habits and can set them up for having healthy teeth for life.

Attitudes towards the dentist are often formed in early childhood, and at Queens Park Dental Team in Bournemouth we believe that by providing child-focussed early-years dental care, we can help them to see the dentist as a friendly face and nothing to be scared of.

We also offer a wide range of preventative treatments, including fissure sealants and fluoride varnish.