The how and why of teeth straightening

Teeth straightening Bournemouth is now more accessible than ever for patients of all ages.  At Queens Park Dental Team, we understand that patients want to feel good about their smile and offer a whole host of treatments that help them to achieve that. One of the most popular of them all is teeth straightening Bournemouth. Here, we answer the questions people often have about embarking on such a treatment.


How does teeth straightening help?

Teeth straightening Bournemouth is often chosen because the patient has endured years of having a smile that is crooked or protruding. This can have a serious impact on how they feel about their appearance, causing them to cover their mouth self-consciously while talking and sometimes even avoiding smiling altogether. This can make it harder to forge friendships, develop love interests and become successful in a chosen career.

After having the teeth straightened, most patients find that they develop a new-found sense of confidence. They feel good about the way they look for the first time in their adult life, and this causes a ripple effect that has a positive impact on many areas from socialising to making an impression on the boss at work.

Are there any health benefits?

Many people think that having the teeth straightened only has cosmetic benefits. While these are important and often the driving force behind deciding to opt for treatment, the patient can also look forward to better dental health after wearing braces.

When the teeth are misaligned, they can be much more difficult to keep clean. This means that bits of food and plaque can fester in and around the affected teeth. This can result in bad breath, gum disease and even tooth loss. Having straight teeth means it is much easier to achieve and maintain good oral health.

Oral health is closely linked to general health. If a person has healthy teeth and gums that are free from debris, disease and inflammation, then they are at a much lesser risk of developing a wide range of health conditions. These include heart disease, lung disease, arthritis and dementia among many others. Therefore, getting the teeth straightened can boost the health of the whole body and help to keep a person fit and well for as long as possible.

How can the teeth be straightened?

It used to be that the only option for correcting misaligned teeth was to wear fixed braces featuring metal wires and brackets. These often had to be worn for a year or two at least and could be uncomfortable and sometimes restrictive in terms of diet and lifestyle.

We offer the modern alternative to this kind of treatment: invisible braces. These are completely different to traditional braces in that they are composed of trays that are completely clear and worn over the teeth, a bit like a retainer. They are removable for eating, which means that the patient does not have to alter their diet in any way. These braces often do their work in just a few months too, so this treatment is usually much faster than with other types of braces.