Improving your oral health with teeth straightening

It is important to understand that one of the most common oral health issues amongst adults living in the United Kingdom today is that of misaligned teeth. This is a condition with negative effects that can affect a patient’s oral health in many ways and cause them to live with an unacceptable level of dental discomfort. If you are someone who is suffering the consequences of living with teeth that are not perfectly aligned, then perhaps you should ask yourself if it is time for you to gain the benefits of having tooth alignment treatment and making a change.


More and more adults are now choosing to engage with alignment treatment as they become aware that teeth straightening Bournemouth is not just for teenage children. This means that they are seeking to improve the structure of their teeth as a way to promote their oral health and hygiene standards.

At Queens Park Dental Team we are able to help our patients to gain the aligned teeth that they are seeking in a way that will give them the results they want with total discretion. Today there are treatment devices that can be hard to discern when worn in the mouth.

Cleaner teeth

You may be one of the many patients who report struggling to keep their teeth fully clean with brushing due to the alignment of their teeth. This may mean that your oral hygiene standards are not at a level that you find acceptable. Teeth straightening Bournemouth can change this for you and can help you to gain the standards of oral hygiene that you are totally happy with, as you will find that your teeth are much easier to clean.

Preparing for treatment

Before you receive your tooth alignment treatment you will need to attend a dental appointment to have your needs fully assessed. This will include an examination of your teeth and gums as well as an assessment of your overall oral hygiene standards. This will help our team of professionals to understand your needs and assist you to prepare correctly for your treatment. This will also inform them about the best treatment options for you which will be fully discussed with you.

A mould of your teeth may be taken along with X-rays or scans that will be used to help create any alignment devices that are to be used in your treatment, the devices will be built to meet your own individual needs and allow you to receive the straighter teeth you are seeking.

You may be advised to try to heighten your oral hygiene standards a little prior to treatment by ensuring you practise a regular oral cleaning routine twice a day. There is a risk that your oral hygiene standard may dip a little during the time you are receiving treatment, therefore it is vital that you practise your oral cleaning routine throughout your treatment.

You can have straighter teeth

Now is the time for you to gain the straighter teeth that you are seeking with teeth straightening Bournemouth, you can call our dental practice to find out more about the services we offer that can help you gain the aligned teeth that you desire.