The Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Teeth Straightened In Bournemouth

Believe it or not a healthy straight smile can have a massive impact on your life. Not only does a nice straight smile make you feel good in yourself but it also affects how others perceive you in terms of personality and attractiveness. People with straight healthy bright smiles exude confidence and self-esteem. Orthodontics in Bournemouth have helped lots of adults enjoy their lives more and improve their health by getting their teeth straightened and correcting their bites.

If you’re not convinced then here’s 3 top reasons why you should consider tooth straightening in Bournemouth:

  • tooth straightening in BournemouthAppearance – The top reason for most people is appearance, since straight white teeth are far more attractive than crooked or protruding yellowish teeth. Although, from a dentist’s point of view, straight teeth means an improved bite. Problems with your bite from underbite to overbite, can cause jaw joint pain, excessive wear on teeth, and even breathing problems. Crooked or crowded teeth, underbite or overbite can lead to gums that are sore, swollen, and bleeding because it’s really difficult to floss around them.
  • Health – Straight teeth are more healthy and less prone to uneven wear, fractures, and cavities. In additions gums are healthier too and you’re less likely to suffer from gum disease. You can eat better with straight teeth too, and can enjoy a more varied diet. Finally, straight teeth are less sensitive to hot and cold liquids or foods and you’ll find you lower the risk of expensive and painful dental problems.
  • Confidence – Finally, the third reason is simply that a nice smile will make an enormous difference to your confidence. The truth is that appearance does matter and no end of studies have shown the difference that appearance and a nice smile makes in relation to job opportunities. It can lead to you landing your dream job or getting a promotion and earning more money. If your love life is non-existent, then according to most dating sites, an attractive smile can even find you a partner. Your smile really does reflect on who you are.

The great thing about orthodontics in Bournemouth is that you’re never too old to take advantage of it. Here at Queens Park Dental Team, we use invisible braces such as In-Line to correct a variety of dental alignment and bite problems, so no-one apart from your dentist need ever know that you’re wearing braces. If you’re tired of hiding your smile, then why not get in touch with us to discuss your options. Call us today on 01202 303322 or check out our website at for more information or in case of a dental emergency.