Is It Safe To Whiten My Teeth?

When you’re feeling confident in your smile it glows through into all areas of your life so finding ways to make sure you’re feeling happy with your teeth is the team here at Queens Park Dental’s main priority. We understand that our modern lifestyles aren’t really conducive to keeping your teeth bright and white with lots of our favourite treats containing those terrible tannins (the thing that causes staining). So, what teeth whitening Bournemouth options do we offer and are they safe?

Can Teeth Whitening Bournemouth Damage Your Teeth?

Teeth whitening has become one of the biggest industries within cosmetic dentistry with more and more products becoming super accessible online and over the counter. There are methods whitening across all styles of teeth whitening that are safe but there are products out there that aren’t approved which is why we encourage all our patients to go on their teeth whitening Bournemouth with us.

That being said, there are some minor symptoms that can be caused by teeth whitening depending on your individual reaction and the product you decide to use.


One of the most common side effects of teeth whitening is tooth sensitivity. This is due to the pulp’s inflammation due to the contact with the products used in the whitening – peroxide is particularly bad for causing sensitivity. How sensitive your teeth become can be affected by the concentration of the product, if you have any fillings or tooth replacements. If you do become affected by sensitivity it can sometimes get better alone but for most people you you help by: using a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth, wearing your whitening trays for less time and applying less product to them, start a fluoride treatment to help rebuild your enamel layer or taking some down time from your whitening process.

If you do begin to suffer sensitivity after whitening even if you haven’t used a product through the practice we recommend getting in touch with us so we can check your teeth over and advise you the best root to help you.

Sore Gums

Another common side effect is that gums become irritated from the whitening product  very much in the same way it could cause tooth sensitivity. This is a really important benefit of whitening through us as we can help avoid the gums but also use products that are kinder on them.

So Are They Safe?

The simple answer to this is yes – but only certain products. There are hundreds of products on the market that aren’t approved, trailed or safe.  Which is why though at the time it can feel like an expense to go through professional whitening to begin with it could save you a lot of discomfort and money long-term. We would also like to recommend before any patient goes through a whitening treatment to go for a check up so we can discuss all the options available to you. Sometimes even just having a good deep scale and polish with the hygienist could give you the desired effect.