Looking good with teeth whitening

We all feel the need to present ourselves in a way that enhances our image when we are in public with our friends and family, as we all wish to make the correct first impression when we are around others and enjoying their company. For this reason, many of us pay attention to all aspects of our appearance and will always look for new ways that we can gain those little improvements that we feel can make all the difference in our minds.


One thing that many of us investigate are the ways we can improve the look of our teeth, as we see the stains and marks that will always seem to reflect negatively on the image of our smiles. This leads many people to add toothpaste that contains some form of property that will whiten teeth to their shopping list when they visit a supermarket.

While using the toothpastes that are available in supermarkets gives many people a perfectly acceptable solution, the results may vary and are not guaranteed to make everyone happy. There are other solutions available that can help patients whiten their teeth, hiding the stains and marks that they may find so unsightly.

At Queens Park Dental Team we are able to help patients improve the look of their smiles with the use of teeth whitening Bournemouth. This not only gives patients the glistening pearly teeth that they wish to achieve, but may also help them to increase their day-to-day self-confidence.

Treatment at the dental practice

One of the benefits of receiving a treatment such as teeth whitening Bournemouth at our dental practice is that the treatment can be tailored to meet your individual needs, this will allow you to achieve the look that you desire for your smile. Also by having your treatment performed by a dental professional it can be applied evenly and time can be taken to ensure that each tooth being treated is prepared correctly and included in the treatment.

In many cases patients can start to notice a brilliance in their smiles within a short time, many patients report this after their second appointment. Your treatment course will typically take two or three weeks to complete after which you will have that gleaming smile that you are seeking, there are cases where treatment may take longer to complete.

At the beginning of your treatment, a mould of your teeth will be taken by us that will be used to create a tray that will sit comfortably in your mouth and fit snugly over your teeth. Some bleaching gel is also applied to the tray and this is left in your mouth for a short period of time, the gel will slowly whiten your teeth.

You should be aware that this treatment will only affect your natural teeth, this will not make fillings, crowns or artificial teeth you may have any whiter, as the gel is designed to treat the natural enamel of your teeth.

Confident feeling

Many patients who undergo teeth whitening Bournemouth find that this is a good way to help them improve their levels of self-confidence as well as the look of their smiles, if you wish to find out how then please feel free to call our practice.