Knocked out teeth: do’s and don’ts

There are many reasons why you may need to see an emergency dentist in Bournemouth: a nagging toothache that’s suddenly got worse, a restoration that hasn’t quite held together, or your tooth has got chipped, cracked or knocked out altogether.

Teeth get knocked out in all kinds of ways: through taking part in sports such as hockey, snowboarding or rugby, from tripping up, being in a car accident, or being in a fight. Whatever the reason, if the worse has happened and your tooth is out, you must go straight away to the emergency dentist in Bournemouth. This is because your tooth could be saved if you act fast.

Emergency Dentists in BournemouthDo’s

  • Call the emergency dentist in Bournemouth and get the first appointment you can;
  • Pick up the tooth by the crown – the white, visible chewing surface;
  • Clean with saliva and put it back in the socket if you can;
  • If you can’t, put it in a clean container and cover with milk;
  • Or put it in your cheek to keep it moist;
  • Take over-the-counter pain medication if needed, until your appointment with the emergency dentist.


  • Touch the tooth root – the hidden part that is underneath the crown. Touching it can cause the root to deteriorate or you could transmit infection to it;
  • Wash with soap, detergent or tap water;
  • Wrap in a cloth or towel;S
  • If it is a child’s milk tooth – don’t try to insert the tooth as this could damage the adult tooth underneath.

Act fast to save your tooth

Ideally, you will see the emergency dentist in Bournemouth within 30 minutes of losing your tooth to have the best chance of saving it, though it is still possible to reattach it after an hour or more.

Hannah Neve, the principal dentist here at the Queens Park Dental Team, aims to see all our emergency patients on the day they call – but the earlier you can get in touch, the more chance there is that we can fit you in. As you can see, this is especially important if you have lost a tooth, so don’t delay in giving us a ring.