If you ever need an emergency dentist Bournemouth

We all want to live with the best possible oral health and hygiene standards and for this reason, we seek to maintain good dental health by brushing our teeth twice a day as recommended by dental professionals. While this should help to stave off the negative effects of most common dental issues it is no guarantee that we will be completely free of dental problems. We all know that there are times in life when the unforeseen will happen and having an awareness of how we can access help and treatment may be useful.


If you have ever found yourself with a sudden, persistent toothache you may find yourself seeking treatment as soon as you possibly can, this will be especially true if the toothache is keeping you awake at night. You may also find yourself seeking immediate dental care if you are involved in an accident where there has been a strong impact on the lower area of your face that causes some damage to your teeth or jaw.

Both of these scenarios may lead you to seek the services of an emergency dentist Bournemouth.

At Queens Park Dental Team, we have special services that aim to treat patients who find they need immediate attention quickly. Keep in mind we endeavour to see most patients who need these services on the same day as they make contact with us. We want to identify any issues and make a patient feel more comfortable as soon as we possibly can.

Our first task

When you visit our emergency dentist Bournemouth our first task will be to identify the root cause of any problem you may be having, that way we can put a care plan together and start to make you feel more comfortable.

We would ask you to keep in mind that there could be many different reasons why you are experiencing tooth pain, some of which are more complex than others. This may mean we have to provide some form of interim relief and ask you to return to complete treatment. One example is providing you with antibiotics to clear an infection and then returning to have a tooth removed to prevent it from causing you any more problems.

If you do have an abscess or infection we will always seek to treat this first as we do not want it to spread to any other teeth or part of the mouth before taking further action, For this reason, it is vital that you take any medication that we may prescribe for you as directed, this should also help to ease any pain or discomfort you are feeling, making it easier for you to rest and sleep.

If you have been involved in an accident that has caused a severe impact on your teeth and jaw that has left some injury, then we would recommend that you contact our team as soon as you possibly can for an examination. We will need to assess any injury you may have and prescribe any appropriate treatment.

Accessing when needed

To access our emergency dentist Bournemouth when needed you should ring the practice early in the morning, this will create the best possibility for you to be seen on the same day and will minimise the amount of time you are living with any pain or discomfort.