How teeth straightening can change your life

The most commonly associated benefit of teeth straightening Bournemouth is that of its incredible cosmetic effect, but this is not all that patients receive who come to Queens Park Dental Team for orthodontic treatment. In a professional consultation, our highly competent and experienced dental practitioner will explain how orthodontic treatment can go well beyond giving patients a beautiful smile. Hannah has supervised innumerable successful orthodontic treatments that have restored happy smiles and healthy mouths.


Deciding on teeth straightening Bournemouth can ensure patients live a better quality of life Patients can expect the benefits of teeth straightening Bournemouth to range from physical health benefits to mental and psychosocial benefits. Read on to find out just how life changing straightening one’s teeth can be.

Rewards of teeth straightening treatments

Oral health is easier to maintain

At the top of the list of benefits is the improvement of oral health. This is easily achieved when teeth are made easier to brush and floss. Teeth that are in proper alignment allow toothbrush bristles to get in between teeth more easily so that cleaning is made more effective. Clean teeth lower the risk of many undesirable poor health issues such as bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease.

Stronger teeth

Misaligned teeth create another problem in that unwarranted stress is placed on teeth and jaws that results in excessive wear and tear and facial pain. These challenges are resolved with orthodontic help.

Improves masticatory functional

One of the physical challenges of misaligned teeth is that masticatory function – biting and chewing – is made difficult with many patients experiencing pain and discomfort. Teeth alignment treatment plans can improve the way patients grind food down, reduce pain and aid better digestion and nutrient-absorption.

Feel good on the inside as well as the outside

It is clear how aligned teeth can improve one’s appearance. A dazzling smile that begins with straightened teeth is key to an attractive physical appearance. To understand how teeth straightening has a positive impact on mental and psychosocial health, one has to first understand the effects of a pleasing smile on confidence.

With the many negative perceptions made about misaligned teeth, it is far easier to feel self-conscious and awkward about a crooked smile. Patients are more inclined to hide their smile, and in many cases, find themselves withdrawing from social engagements with the result that the quality of their relationships suffer.

Having a confident smile is really a treasured goal that unleashes many desirable effects. A pleasing smile is linked to confidence which is known to lay the foundation of success in life. Positive associations linked to attractive smiles include the assumptions of intelligence, capability, approachability and kindness. Confident smiles are more likely to fling open the doors of opportunity with the greater possibility of a patient finding success in business, at work and in their personal relationships.

Don’t let a misaligned smile hold you back from living the life you want. Give our reception desk a call at Queens Park Dental Team to schedule a consultation with Hannah who will be happy to help you find the most suitable teeth correcting treatment plan for the best outcome.