How can my emergency dentist help?

Here at Queens Park Dental, we understand that sometimes unexpected things can happen with your teeth, such as abscesses, breaking and chipping, this can be uncomfortable and very disconcerting. Which is why our emergency dentist Bournemouth is here to help in your time of need.


What is a dental emergency?

You may be wondering what classes as a dental emergency, and when you should contact us for an emergency appointment. We can help you with a wide variety of dental emergencies, and will do all that we can to alleviate your pain and fix the issue.


This is one of the more common reasons that our patients may need an emergency appointment. Toothache is when you feel extreme pain somewhere in your mouth, and there can be many different causes of this. You may also experience sensitivity and swelling, which is a definite sign that you need to contact us for an appointment with our emergency dentist Bournemouth. If the pain from the toothache does not go away within 2 days, and painkillers do not help with the pain, this is also a sign that you should contact us.

There are a few different reasons as to why you may get toothache, all of them being problems that you should discuss with us so we can help fix the situation. Tooth decay is one of the everyday causes of toothache, and this is usually because the bacteria that is attacking your tooth has reached the centre of it and is weakening it. Infection is also a major cause of toothache, which can occur from severe decay, or when a tooth is trying to grow, but doesn’t have enough space to come through, therefore breaking the skin and potentially causing the infection.


This is another big reason that our patients might contact our emergency dentist Bournemouth, as when you break a tooth, it can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. Having a broken tooth can also put the surrounding teeth at risk too, as there is added pressure being put on them due to the damaged tooth. Sometimes, if you lose or break your tooth we might be able to reattach it, if the tooth is in good enough condition. If this is not the case and your natural tooth cannot be repaired, we will most likely provide you with a tooth extraction. Don’t worry though, we will give you options that you can use to replace the missing tooth, such as dental implants.

What happens when I arrive at the practice?

When you arrive for your emergency appointment, we will examine your teeth to try and find the cause of the problem. After this, depending on your needs, we may then give you some form of medication to help alleviate your pain. If your pain is very extreme, we may give you some pain relief before examining your teeth to lessen your distress. We will do all we can to alleviate your discomfort during the emergency appointment, and will try our best to find out what is causing it. If there is a bigger problem there, then a plan will be made for you to come and revisit us so we can help to resolve it.