Could teeth whitening in Bournemouth brighten up your outlook?

Making you happy


At Queens Park Dental Team our highly qualified and efficient team of specialist practitioners have been creating beautiful smiles for years. Nothing makes our team more content than when the value of their treatments is reflected in the smile of a happy patient.

We know the past year has been hard on a lot of people, and that for some, our teeth have paid the price. At Queens Park Dental Team we can turn any frown upside down, and our practitioners have seen it all.

We are proud to prove cosmetic dental treatments such as teeth whitening in Bournemouth can have a tremendously positive impact on a patient’s self-image and esteem.

Anyone who feels concerned or embarrassed about the shade of their enamel shouldn’t worry. Here at Queens Park Dental Team our cosmetic dental experts can bring the life and sparkly back to any smile and let you leave our practice with a renewed and rejuvenated self-confidence.

Why do teeth turn yellow?

Having stained or yellowish teeth is one of the most common problems we treat here at Queens Park Dental Team. Some people may believe that yellow or discoloured teeth are always and only down to poor oral hygiene or routine – however, this is untrue.

While poor oral habits certainly contribute to dental problems and can cause discolouration, it is not the only reason teeth can become yellow or stained – and people with perfectly normal and good dental habits can also experience dental staining.

In truth dental staining can arise from a number of reasons, some of which include:

  • Smoking tobacco
  • Dark beverages (red wine, tea, coffee etc)
  • Dark berries such as blueberries and cherries
  • Natural age

The last of these is often the most difficult for patient’s to deal with, as despite their oral routines they may notice their enamel becoming greyer over time. This can cause many people to seek out teeth whitening in Bournemouth from a trusted, local expert provider such as us here at Queens Park Dental Team

What does teeth whitening in Bournemouth involve?

At Queens Park Dental Team we’ve found that the most consistent and positive effects of teeth whitening are achieved through an at-home tray system. This means that patients can undergo dental whitening at their own pace and from the comfort of their residences.

At Queens Park Dental Team we like to begin each treatment with a consultation between the patient and Hanna, one of our expert practitioners. This way we can determine how healthy your teeth are, and explain to you what options are available.

After this consultation, If the patient decides they wish to undergo at-home whitening from us, we’ll then take the measurements and impressions of their unique tooth shape and structure needed to create their custom tray.

Unlike whitening trays bought online, the at-home whitening trays we provide at Queens Park Dental Team fit over each patient’s teeth perfectly. This means that their teeth will be whiter all over and consistently, without any streaks or grey areas.

After we’ve made the tray the patient then can take it home alongside a White Dental Beauty kit, which includes a quantity of a hydrogen-peroxide based whitening formula. The patient then applies a small amount of this into their tray, and wears it periodically for short intervals over the course of two weeks, until their teeth are as white as they wish.