Why visiting an emergency dentist in Bournemouth quickly is important

Accidents happen and knowing what steps to take can reduce the negative consequences. Visiting an emergency dentist straight after an injury or excessive tooth pain is the best way to maintain good dental health and avoid long-term dental problems.

Emergency Dentist in BournemouthAt Queens Park Dental Team we appreciate that dental emergencies can cause a lot of pain and discomfort and we are here to help you treat them effectively and restore your oral health. Our emergency dentist in Bournemouth, Dr Hannah Neve, is always happy to treat new patients so if you are ever faced with a dental emergency, you should call us as soon as possible. Most of the time, depending on the nature of your emergency, we can see you on the same day.

Save your teeth

Traumatic injuries and accidents can leave you with chipped or broken teeth as well as teeth that are partially or completely knocked out. If you do not see an emergency dentist in Bournemouth as soon as possible after having this type of injury, you may end up permanently losing your teeth and in need of a crown or dental implant. Luckily, seeing Dr Neve within an hour of the accident can increase the chances of you saving your teeth. If your tooth is chipped, broken, or knocked out, carefully pick up any pieces you find and bring them with you.

Avoid unnecessary pain

Whether you are experiencing a severe toothache or a knocked out tooth, you are likely going to feel a lot of pain in your mouth. The longer you wait to receive treatment, the more pain you are likely to feel. If you are feeling any type of pain, it is important to at least get in touch with our dental practice to see if it is necessary to visit the emergency dentist in Bournemouth. Upon examination, Dr Neve will be able to locate the source of your pain and provide treatments and medications that can help you overcome it.

To get the dental care you deserve, call us today and we will book you in for an emergency appointment as soon as possible.

We are on hand to help you

We all know that regular care is important to keep your mouth healthy. However, no matter how carefully you care for your teeth, you can still experience unexpected problems and need a Bournemouth emergency dentist. Many people ignore early signs of issues, hoping that they will go away but it always pays to seek assistance as quickly as possible. At the Queens Park Dental Team, we do our best to see you the same day if you need an emergency dentist in Bournemouth, but contact us as early as you can so that we can deal with your situation rapidly to ensure good results.

Emergency Dentist in BournemouthMeeting your needs when the worst happens

For some people, seeing their Bournemouth emergency dentist is their first visit to a practice for some time. We will always treat you with care and respect and often find that this initial contact gives patients the confidence to come back for regular appointments or to have chronic issues resolved. We are conveniently located and equipped with the latest equipment. The relaxing surroundings and friendly, professional team are a great combination to put you at your ease while providing you with effective, comprehensive care.

The benefits of prompt treatment

If you need an emergency dentist in Bournemouth, please contact us as soon as you can. This minimises your discomfort and ensures that treatment is as successful and uncomplicated as possible. There may also be things that you can do before your appointment to help. For example, if you have lost a tooth, keeping it clean and in the tooth socket while seeking help quickly may allow it to be implanted again. Never hold a tooth that has been knocked out by the root. Instead, pick it up by the crown and clean it with saliva if you can. If you cannot put it into the socket, store it in milk in a clean container until we can see you. Milk teeth should not be put back as it is possible that you might damage a tooth which is emerging from below.

We always aim to see our patients regularly but can also be your first port of call as your emergency dentist in Bournemouth.

When the worst happens, you are in safe hands

Your teeth are vital to your health and appearance, so we welcome you for regular appointments and encourage a good programme of care at home. Some people avoid their regular visits to the dentist due to anxiety or simply being too busy. In these cases, decay can cause severe pain in an emergency situation. However, you can still experience problems, even if you look after your teeth well.

Emergency Dentist in BournemouthWhether you are in discomfort, experiencing bleeding or have damaged or lost a tooth, we know that you need assistance fast. We can also help with lost fillings, missing crowns and facial swelling. Patients who use the Queens Park Dental Team trust us as their emergency dentist in Bournemouth, as we respond quickly and professionally, whatever their problem.

Ensuring your comfort

The first stage to seeing us as your Bournemouth emergency dentist is a thorough inspection of the damaged area. This may include taking x-rays but, importantly, the area will be numbed if necessary using anaesthetic, and sterilised to prevent infection.

Nervous patients can relax as we have a great track record of putting our patients at their ease and can offer anaesthesia using Vibraject. This technique uses vibrations during the delivery of the anaesthetic, which means that there is very little pain. Whatever your prior experience of seeing a dentist, we hope you can trust us as your Bournemouth emergency dentist.

The benefits of timely treatment

If you need an emergency dentist in Bournemouth, you should not have to wait, as this prolongs your discomfort and can complicate treatment. Medication bought from the chemists may help for a while, but you do still need to see us promptly. Pain from an infection or abscess can be debilitating, but can be resolved by root canal work or extraction if there are no other options available.

Getting attention quickly can improve the likelihood of any procedures being successful and reduce the chance of infection. Ignoring damage or pain can lead to longer-term problems, so it pays to get issues resolved as soon as possible.

With the Queens Park Dental Team, you can be confident that we will offer professional and friendly care as your emergency dentist in Bournemouth.

Dental emergencies

The most important thing to do after damaging your teeth, or suddenly experiencing intolerable discomfort, is to contact the emergency dentist. In Bournemouth, Hannah Neve and the Queens Park Dental Team have experience in dealing with a wide range of dental emergencies. Using modern equipment and sensitive techniques, we can repair your teeth and minimise your distress. We always aim to see you on the same day you call us. Don’t delay the vital work that could prevent your problems from intensifying.

Emergency Dentist in BournemouthA speedy resolution

People seek an emergency dentist in Bournemouth for many reasons. You might have cracked a tooth while playing sports. You might have knocked out a front tooth after a fall. A decayed or infected tooth may have suddenly become very painful, after having been intermittently uncomfortable for a number of weeks.

Whatever your reason, the one thing you should not do in any case is to delay treatment. Hannah and the team will provide vital care that reduces the risk of oral infection and restores dental function. This will give you the best chance of a happy dental future, as well as minimising your distress during the current dental crisis.

Examination and relief

Pain arising from tooth decay is the main reason people visit the emergency dentist in Bournemouth. When you come into the practice, the dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth to make sure the full extent of the problem is taken into account. Local anaesthetic will be provided using a contemporary appliance that’s designed with your comfort in mind. Then the repairs will be carried out, to meet your immediate needs. A follow-up visit may be required, to check on your progress afterwards.

Looking after your teeth

Accidents can happen to anyone, and you can end up with a dental emergency despite your best intentions. The crucial thing is to get it treated as soon as possible. While over-the-counter painkillers might provide a bit of relief, they won’t do anything for the underlying causes. Hannah and the Queens Park Dental Team will quickly restore your teeth to their proper condition, freeing you from worry about dental discomfort.

Are you looking for an emergency dentist in Bournemouth?

Hannah Neve and the Queens Park Dental Team are experienced in dealing with a wide range of dental emergencies. Call us at the earliest possible opportunity, and we will aim to treat your problem on the same day. With swift intervention, we can minimise discomfort and enhance dental function.

A quick response

Emergency Dentist in BournemouthThere are many reasons why you might want to visit an emergency dentist in Bournemouth. You may have had an accident while playing sports, or a sudden development like a cracked tooth while eating. Whatever’s happened, it’s important not to delay the next step. Hannah and the team will provide vital treatment that reduces your distress, prevents oral infection, and preserves the remaining tooth structure.

This speedy and detailed approach will provide you with the best possible future for your teeth, as well as meeting your immediate needs. When you respond promptly to your unforeseen crisis, you give yourself the best chance of avoiding complications.

Action and examination

One of the main reasons people want an emergency dentist in Bournemouth is because of discomfort arising from tooth decay. When you come into the practice, the dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth to assess the extent of the damage. Then a local anaesthetic might be used to numb the affected area while repairs are carried out. Our contemporary injection equipment is designed with your comfort in mind.

Stronger teeth

Depending on what sort of emergency you’ve had, the repairs might be temporary or permanent. Follow-up treatment might be required after major damage.

Accidents can happen at any time. The crucial thing is to seek treatment for them as soon as possible. Over-the-counter painkillers may do something to reduce discomfort, but the underlying dental issues need to be addressed quickly. Restoring your teeth to a healthy condition will enable you to stop worrying about them, and give you the best chance of a healthy future.

Hannah and the Queens Park Dental Team know that people often delay visiting the emergency dentist in Bournemouth until their discomfort has become severe. At this friendly dental practice, you’ll find reassurance, sensitivity, and effective dental repairs.

Straighter teeth are healthier teeth

Not only are straighter teeth seen as being healthy, they are in fact better for your health. That’s because straighter teeth have fewer places for bacterial plaque to accumulate and give off the acid that leads to tooth decay and gum disease.

If you are considering the idea of teeth straightening in Bournemouth, but are reluctant to have to live with the embarrassment and possible discomfort of fixed bracket and wire braces, then here at the Queens Park Dental Team, we can offer you a great solution.

Teeth Straightening in BournemouthGet in line with In-Line

At our dental practice in Bournemouth, teeth straightening is achieved with the In-Line system of aligners from Germany.

These twin-layered, clear plastic trays fit over the teeth to become almost invisible. You will receive a series of them to wear consecutively. Each one is slightly different, and will move your teeth by up to 0.6 millimetres. Each aligner takes between four and six weeks to do its work, and you will need to wear it for about 20 hours a day, before moving onto the next aligner, which will move your teeth along another 0.6 millimetres.

When you use this method of teeth straightening in Bournemouth, you don’t have to worry about it getting in the way of eating, drinking and even social events if necessary. As the aligners are removable, it will be easy to keep your teeth, as well as the aligner, clean. You just take it out and brush. You must brush your teeth after every time you eat.

Your journey with us

When you come to see us at Queens Park Dental Team for teeth straightening in Bournemouth, our dentist Hannah Neve will give you an instruction card on how to care for your aligners and a small case to store them when you are not wearing them, for meals and so on. Throughout the course of your treatment, you will need to come back for appointments to change to the next aligner and check how things are progressing.

Once your teeth have reached their correct position, they will need a retainer to settle in and stay put. We offer removable or fixed retainers.

It’s popular for a good reason

All around the world, the most popular form of cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening. In Bournemouth, we find that many people come to us for teeth whitening because it is a quick and easy way to give their smiles an upgrade, especially if they have got an important event or celebration coming up. This could be something like a wedding or an interview for a job where you really need to look your best.

Teeth Whitening in BournemouthAt Queens Park Dental Team in Bournemouth, teeth whitening treatments with Hannah Neve will help your teeth get their gleam back, getting rid of stains and general discolouration. You are in safe hands when you come to us. Hannah has been the dentist here since 1991 and has a special interest in improving people’s smiles.

In Bournemouth, teeth whitening is achieved using a simple, easy system that you take home to use. Here’s how it works:

Your treatment

First you visit us for a consultation with Hannah, so that she can make sure that teeth whitening is a suitable treatment for you. Teeth whitening will not work on everyone. If you have some kind of artificial tooth work already in your mouth, then having your teeth whitened is not a great idea. This is because teeth whitening in Bournemouth cannot alter the colour of porcelain false teeth, dental implants or veneers. It would whiten the natural teeth around them and then the artificial teeth would seem discoloured. Better to leave well alone.

However, if your teeth are all your own, then Hannah will take impressions of your teeth in order to create trays that exactly fit your mouth. Your trays will come with a supply of White Dental Beauty whitening gel. Queens Park Dental Team uses this particular brand of gel because it is made to a patented formula that reduces sensitivity, hydrates the teeth and has a lovely minty flavour. Altogether, teeth whitening in Bournemouth will involve two visits to us and treatment taking two to three weeks. You will also be able to top up your whitening if the brightness starts to fade in the future.

The benefits of teeth straightening in Bournemouth

Do crooked or unevenly spaced teeth cause you problems? Having straighter teeth may allow you to stop hiding your smile, dreading photographs or feeling awkward in social or professional situations. Did you also know that correctly positioned teeth are healthier? This is because they are easier to clean. Also, properly aligned teeth work better as the bite functions correctly. Hannah Neve at Queens Park Dental Team offers teeth straightening in Bournemouth which enhances oral health and gives you a great smile to boost your confidence.

Teeth Straightening in BournemouthModern options for straighter teeth

Many people miss out on corrective work as a child and dismiss it as an adult due to concerns over procedures which they believe are intrusive, unsightly, uncomfortable and time consuming. However, advances in technology mean that having straighter teeth does not rely on having a mouth full of metal for long periods. Hannah is proud to provide her patients with discreet teeth straightening in Bournemouth. In-Line invisible braces use a series of clear plastic trays to gradually guide your teeth into place. They are almost undetectable and made of smooth plastic that fits your mouth exactly. The aligners can be removed for eating and cleaning so fit into your lifestyle easily. You will be provided with a new set every four to six weeks. These are made to fit the changing position of your teeth and continue to guide them into the right place.

Get results fast

Once you have decided on your dream smile, Hannah wants to make sure that you achieve it as soon as possible using teeth straightening in Bournemouth. The In-Line invisible braces system works very quickly and you could be enjoying your new smile in 5-10 months. This is considerably faster than traditional braces treatment, which can take up to two years. As treatment time is very rapid, you also cut down on costs. At the end of the process you will be provided with a retainer to keep your teeth in the correct position.

To find out how teeth straightening in Bournemouth can give you the smile you long for, please do get in touch with Hannah and her experienced team today.

Know before you go: teeth whitening in Bournemouth

In recent years, teeth whitening has become widely accessible. However, the more popular it gets, the more money there is to be made from harmful whitening methods readily available over the counter. If you’re considering whitening your teeth, visiting the dentist is the way to go. They will guide your through the procedure and help you brighten your smile safely and effectively.

At Queens Park Dental Team, we have been practising teeth whitening in Bournemouth for many years and have helped many patients restore the brightness of their smile. Our lead dentist, Dr Hannah Neve, has a special interest in improving people’s health and appearance through cosmetic dentistry and will help you achieve the smile you have always wanted.

Teeth Whitening in BournemouthWhy do teeth turn yellow?

Teeth can turn yellow for many reasons. While it is usually caused by old age and genetic disposition, patients also develop yellow and discoloured teeth from coffee, wine and other highly-pigmented foods and drinks. Teeth also become yellow with smoking and certain medicines. Finally, discoloured teeth can be the result of excessive fluoride intake.

Our whitening services

At Queens Park Dental Team, we use the White Dental Beauty system for our home-based teeth whitening treatment. You will first have a consultation with Hannah to determine whether this is the right treatment for you. If you decide to proceed with the treatment, we will take impressions of your teeth and create custom-made whitening trays to fit your teeth.

As soon as your trays are ready, we will provide you with White Dental Beauty’s teeth whitening gel. This gel is created with a unique formula, customised to your needs and the condition of your teeth. The ingredients help the teeth remain hydrated throughout the treatment, minimising sensitivity and discomfort.

Treatment time typically lasts two to three weeks and you will need to visit the dentist twice. We also give you the option to top-up your whitening, if your teeth become stained and discoloured in the future.

Contact us

Interested in teeth whitening in Bournemouth? Contact our friendly team today and we will book a consultation appointment for you.

Discreet teeth straightening in Bournemouth

For years, teeth straightening has been associated with metal braces and teenagers. Now, with the latest developments in dentistry, adults too can benefit from teeth straightening without having to resort to metal brackets and wires.

At Queens Park Dental Team, we appreciate that some patients require a little more flexibility than traditional metal braces offer. In-Line invisible braces provide patients with an aesthetically conscious alternative option to traditional teeth straightening in Bournemouth. Our lead dentist, Dr Hannah Neve, will examine your teeth and jaw thoroughly and help you determine whether invisible braces are the right option for you.

Teeth Straightening in BournemouthHow does it work?

Our In-Line clear aligners are made in Germany from a patented powerful twin layer plastic material. The treatment consists of a series of transparent, removable aligners that you switch out about every four to six weeks. These aligners are custom-made with specific and very accurate calculations to gradually move your teeth into their correct place.

Invisible braces can move your teeth quickly, with most treatments lasting between 5-10 months. Finally, In-Line clear aligners are more cost-effective than traditional braces.

Benefits of invisible braces

There are many benefits to In-Line clear aligners compared to traditional teeth straightening treatments. Not only are the aligners almost invisible, making them aesthetically pleasing, but they are also more hygienic than other types of teeth straightening. This is because you can remove them at any time in order to eat, drink or brush and floss your teeth. This way, the risk of getting food stuck in your teeth or aligners is non-existent. Moreover, invisible braces are very comfortable to wear. Since they are made of smooth plastic and they are customised to fit your teeth perfectly, they are less likely to cause irritation or discomfort. They also require fewer adjustments than traditional braces, which is translated to fewer visits to the dentist.

Get in touch

If you have additional questions about discreet teeth straightening in Bournemouth, give us a call and we will book you an appointment with Dr Hannah Neve. She will help you decide whether In-Line Invisible Braces are suitable for you.