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White Fillings

Even with very well looked-after teeth, most people will find they need some fillings sometime in their life. Before the advent of tooth-coloured white fillings, dark metal or amalgam fillings could be very noticeable, particularly if they were near the front of the mouth, which could make people lose confidence in their smile. But times have changed and white fillings are now a very popular cosmetic dentistry choice.

White fillings are far less noticeable than traditional silver fillings, and are matched as closely as possible to the natural colour of your teeth. Whether the need for a filling has shown up at your regular dental check-up, or you have worn amalgam fillings already in place, white fillings will give you a much more natural look.

They are particularly popular for replacing fillings in the front teeth that have stained brown or yellow with age. In the past they were considered less strong than metal fillings, particularly for teeth at the back of the mouth, but these days white fillings are made from much stronger composite materials, meaning they are almost as strong and long-lasting as their amalgam counterparts. How long they will last depends on where they are in your mouth and on how your teeth come together. Talk to our dentist Alex and Alina if you have any concerns about how long your white fillings will last.

White fillings are made from a compound material of glass or ceramic materials and resin, and are matched as closely as possible to the natural colour of your teeth. If you're considering teeth whitening treatment, be aware that it won't affect the colour of your fillings, so it may be best to have the whitening treatment before replacing an amalgam filling with a white one, so that it matches your whitened teeth.

The fees for white fillings varies depending on the size, shape and location in your mouth of the filling required, along with the complexity of the procedure. If you are thinking about having white filings, Alex and Alina will include the fees as part of your bespoke treatment plan.

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