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Payment Options

We will always provide an estimate prior to treatment and offer a choice of payment options - choose between cash, cheque or credit/debit card. As an alternative to paying fees from this private fee list you may choose to join Denplan after your first course of treatment is completed.

Denplan Essentials

This plan provides an easy way to budget for the costs of monitoring your dental health. Monthly payments, typically of £11.75 per month, entitle you to routine examinations, x-rays and hygienist appointments as specified in your contract. Any additional treatment required will be charged at our private fee rates less than 10%. The payments also include Supplementary Insurance.

Denplan Care

This plan is a care contract allowing us to provide you with an ongoing preventative dental care treatment programme. Monthly payments, typically of £21.95 per month, entitle you to examinations, x-rays, hygiene appointments as well as a range of routine treatments, details of which we can give you on request. The payments also include Supplementary insurance.

Denplan Plans for Children

This plan has been designed to help us look after your children's teeth. Typical monthly payments of £9.05 per month enable us to see your child twice a year thus helping us prevent problems before they arise. In the unlikely event that your child does need a filling, we will charge it at the private rate. The payments also include Supplementary insurance.

Bupa Dental Insurance Network

We are part of the exclusive BUPA Dental Insurance Network. BUPA dental insurance customers can be assured that our practice has met the BUPA quality standards and will benefit from 10% discount off our general dental treatments.

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