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Dental Crowns

At our Bournemouth dental practice, we offer a full range of crowns and bridges, which are used to remedy chipped, broken and gappy teeth, and in the case of crowns to provide your teeth with extra strength.

When a tooth is fractured, has a large old filling, or is severely damaged by decay, we may recommend the placement of a crown.

A dental crown is a cap that is placed over your tooth to cover chipped, broken or otherwise weakened teeth. As well as improving your tooth's appearance, a crown will also give it extra strength. For this reason they are often used on teeth that have been weakened by large fillings or root canal treatment.

Crowns were traditionally made of metal because of its strength and longevity. However, metal crowns are very obvious in the mouth because they don't blend in with the natural colour of your teeth. At Queens Park we use porcelain crowns and zirconia crowns, which can be matched closely to your natural tooth colour, as well as providing additional strength.

If you have a crown fitted your dentist will first prepare the tooth, shaping it so the crown can be fitted easily. We will take an impression of the prepared tooth and of the other jaw and will fit you with a temporary crown while your crown is made. When your crown is ready it is attached with a strong bonding material.

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Dental Crowns

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