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We have listed our private dental treatment fees with payment options, as well as information on Denplan care. Our fees listed below should be treated as a guide only and are correct as of 18th of December 2018.

At your consultation we will listen and respond to your concerns

Adult Consultation
Full dental examination, oral cancer screen, detailed discussion of your requirements and treatment options, discussion of payment options.
Adult Emergency Appointment
We will do all we can to get you out of pain (extra fees may apply)
Child Consultation
0-5th birthday, for children of our adult patients
0-5th birthday
5-18th birthday
Child Emergency Appointment
for those children who don't have other family at the practice

Xray and report
The need for X-rays will be based on your clinical need

Preventative care, helping you keep your teeth for life

Hygiene appointment, to help you keep your teeth meticulously clean, with advice on your oral hygiene needs. £66.50

Achieve a brighter, whiter smile with our White Dental Beauty options

Teeth Whitening:
Oral B 3D White Strips Quick and easy
Teeth whitening: Customised Take Home
With your own specially made trays
Whiten and reshape at the same time, using long-lasting porcelain
from £450

To Straighten your Teeth

In-Line® Invisible Braces Per arch from £1300

To restore teeth with small or medium cavities you may choose from the following options:

Silver Fillings
Resilient and Hard wearing, but visible.
from £90
White Fillings (Composite) front teeth
A far superior appearance
from £100
White Fillings (Composite) back teeth
A far superior appearance
from £110

To restore very large cavities root canal therapy may be required:

Root canal therapy from £300

To restore teeth with large cavities you may chose from the following options:

All Porcelain Crown
The very best natural looking teeth
from £600
Metal-Porcelain Crown
The metal core gives strength, the porcelain gives a tooth coloured appearance
from £600
Gold Crown
Very hard wearing, useful where the appearance is not so important
from £600

Do missing teeth stop you from feeling and looking your best?

Permanently fixed, used to fill gaps left by missing teeth
from £600 per unit
Dentures, you may choose from:
Plastic, reliable and comfortable.
Chrome, lighter and stronger.

from £500
from £600

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